Why Brine Shrimp Nauplii is the Best Fish Feed?

by Black White Press Release Submission
Studies have revealed that if fishes were to pass the stages of larvae and as smaller crustaceans then the development thereafter is almost a smooth process. Due to this prime reason the brine shrimp nauplii became the most important fish feed in their initial stages of life. There were certain features that made it stand alone as the only fish feed for fish larvae and other crustaceans. Known all over the world as Artemia Cysts, the production of the cysts as fish feed was accepted all over the world as the same came without any other known or reliable substitutes. 

Among other advantages, the Artemia specie population was found abundantly distributed although only in inland saltwater lakes. This means that you do not find them well off in oceans due to predators all around. However, the specie shows unusual resilience in high salty areas.  

Mass Production of Eggs or Cysts

Artemia or brine shrimp have been known to be the hot favorite of hatcheries around the world due to abundance of eggs or cysts as they call it. Due to the nature of high salinity where they breed in abundance, there are less predator fishes as few can survive such harsh salinity or cold. It is also known fact that Artemis Cysts can survive extreme cold too. This means the natural habitat of brine shrimp is free of competition from other fishes. 

This was exploited by Artemia Cysts China Manufacturer and others around the world where such conditions for the brine shrimp prevailed. China, USA, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam are the top competitors of these cysts or eggs that are fed to initial development of fish larvae and other crustaceans.

It is generally seen that these cysts can be hatched successfully whenever demanded by consumers that are mostly hatcheries and then transported to these places with ease. It is estimated that currently around 2000 tons of Artemis Cysts are exported by breeders in dry conditions. Browse at for more details. 

Best Natural Feed for Fish

It has been studied in great lengths that Brine Shrimp eggs are naturally produced and has no substitute anywhere. In other words, no artificial substitute has emerged anywhere that proves it to be near to the high level of protein in these cysts. Due to proper harvesting there is no wastage as such and hence hatcheries are able to produce them in colossal scale where salinity of water is high and temperature rather cold. It is seen that the hatched Artemis eggs are high in both lipids and unsaturated fatty acids such that smaller fishes, larvae and other tiny crustaceans can feed on them during their transition to adult hood. 

Although the process at Artemia Cyst Manufacturer is pretty easy on the whole still there is need to keep monitoring the whole process that are usually found to be in six stages. The hatching performance is judged in the number of nauplii in each gram of cyst. In large factories there are both quantity checks as well as quality checks. There is also an enrichment process in hatcheries when the nauplii develop digestive tract.

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