Expeller Pressed Machine for extracting oil from oilseeds

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Last month, during a business trip, I encountered different types of Pressed Machine. I have a degree in science and now I work as a marketing associate in a research company. My main task is to research several factories and gather valuable information about different types of machines. A machine that interested me a lot was an oil ejector. In this article, I will share my knowledge of the oil ejection machines obtained during my visit.

Although there are several types of Expeller Pressed Machine, oil ejection machines are generally used to extract oil from oilseeds such as rapeseed, palm kernel, sunflower seeds, castor beans, flax, cottonseed, peanuts, copra (coconut), mustard, seasame seeds, soya beans, cocoa beans, cashew zest, sheanut, macadamia nut, corn germ and other seeds / fruits to l 'oil

This Expeller Pressed Machine and screw press contains a press chamber in which the seeds are conveyed from one side of the press. The extrusion press uses the pressure and friction of the screw units to move and compress the oilseeds. The oil leaves the seeds through the small openings. I asked the operator why these openings are so small. He explained that these openings prevent any kind of solid matter or seed residue from mixing with the extracted oil. This residue or seed solid residue comes from the other end of the machine. This surplus residue is known as crab.

As I really wanted to know more about this oil mill Machine, the operator answered all my questions with ease. Since ancient times, people have extracted oil from oilseeds. So what's the difference? In previous days, the seeds were only cleaned and crushed with mills or stone mills. With advances in science and technology, the use of automatic oil ejection machines has begun to extract oil from oilseeds or nuts. These machines have facilitated the extraction process by making it fast.

There are mainly two types of oil ejectors: complete press ejectors and previous press ejectors. While small and medium-sized oil extraction machines use the pressed extruder, large oil extraction companies use the prepress press. The use of these advanced ejector machines has many advantages, such as optimum oil efficiency at low operating costs, low energy consumption and the ability to crush all types of edible oilseeds and inedible.

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