Why Article Writing Is Very Important to Your Long-Term Business Success

by Richa Verma Content Writer
Today we are operating our company in a world of relationship marketing and articles advertising. Now it is about"pull" advertising where we want to pull our potential customers to our planet and allow them the opportunity to get to know, like and trust us until they do business with us.

One of the best methods to develop the benefits of relationship marketing is via blogging. This is nothing new; many marketers are saying this for a couple of decades now.

Why are a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners not bothering with blogging?

I encourage every customer I work with to blog but just a few really do. Instead of fully embracing the business benefits of blogging, I get a lot of excuses like:

I don't have the time
I can't write
I can't be bothered; it is too much effort
I don't know exactly what to write about
I do not Understand How to blog
I do not see the value, my target audience does not read blogs
And so on...
Though a number of the reasons are often very legit in their heads, when it comes down to this, the greatest source of resistance is the unwillingness to create a commitment towards this very effective marketing strategy.

What they do not realize is after that commitment is created, it is amazing the way the HOW appears and suddenly there IS time and knowing what to write about DOES materialize.

For many years, I used a number of these explanations myself. If you have been a client of ours over the long haul, then you may remember my very first newsletters weren't just far and few between (I was lucky if I got out one every 4-6 months) but they were epic novels.

I was literally setting myself up to not do them quite often. They took way too much time, work and energy - something I did not have a great deal of, so that I did them as seldom as possible.

It took me a while to realize that I didn't need to write about EVERYTHING in EVERY newsletter. After all, there is something to be said regarding overpowering the readers. I bet only a portion of all that I composed ever got read...

But in my defence, because one of my Gifts is the gift of knowledge, I was strongly compelled (and still am) to discuss all of my knowledge with every newsletter!

Ever since that time I've become much wiser and strategic about newsletters and blogging and for the last year have been submitting a minimum of 2 blog posts each week and sending out a weekly newsletter.

Incidentally, I mention newsletters since both are extremely much intertwined - blogging and newsletters go together. I'll explain more in a bit.

First let us discuss why you ought to be blogging.

It's important to understand there are two things that you want to read your blog articles: Search Engines and possible customers.

Keywords pertinent to your industry will bring qualified traffic back to website who want to find solutions in those areas. This is exactly what search engine optimization is all about - getting picked up from the search engines so people that are seeking your type of service or product really find you.

You wish to ensure you use pertinent keywords and phrases that your prospective clients are using when studying in their search query. So putting yourself into your prospect's mind is necessary when creating subjects, categories and keywords for each article you write.

For people to find you in the search engines, then your site post has to be seen as high up in the search results as possible. If you are showing up on page 5, then the odds are very slim anyone will find you.

The goods news is that fresh content tells the search engines your site is still alive and well and you will be rewarded as such. So the more frequently you website the more likely the search engines will boost you higher up in the outcomes.

Aside from frequency, content that is popular also tells the search engines your site is worthy of greater positioning. The more people that get engaged in your blog posts, the more you benefit from this popularity.

This is the reason you want to encourage your visitors to post a remark in the bottom of your site and get some conversation going.

Another search engine benefit to blogging is the ability to make inbound links inside the content of your article. These links can click to other pages in your site which you want the readers to reference.

Inbound links signal to search engines that other webpages on your site has to be popular since they're being connected to; hence, your site will be rewarded with higher standings.

Profit Credibility
Every time you write a blog article that shares your understanding and expertise, you're positioning yourself as a thought leader in your business and gaining more credibility as somebody which can be trusted by your own readers.

Blogging also gives you the chance to position yourself as someone passionate and knowledgeable about the topics you write about. That passion can be a very compelling reason for people to do business with you.

Construct community
The more you write about subjects that are related to your intended market, the longer they will feel like they are a part of your community... your inner circle, in which you've got a prime opportunity to come up with the"know, like and trust" variable with them.

The more this happens, the more they will trust you to do business with. So when writing, you want to share stories that people relate to and feel as if you understand them to maintain building that confidence.

With every article you write, you can share it to your own social networking channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc.. This may be done automatically in the event that you use WordPress but I do not recommend that. Instead, make certain you've got the societal sharing plugin installed and share your articles. This way you can add in a personal note and intentionally share the article for an optimum time.

And needless to say, your readers may also talk about your blog posts to THEIR followers, which enlarges your brand achieve considerably. So go on and use the controls on the left and discuss this article to your social networking peeps, it would be greatly appreciated!

Offers Newsletter Content
As mentioned earlier, your blogging efforts are tightly intertwined with your own newsletter. When I send our weekly newsletters, they include a"feature article" which, you guessed it, is your blog article I wrote that week!

So all you need to do is write your blog article and then in your newsletter, then write a quick introduction after which a brief teaser to the content so that your subscribers will then click the"Read more" link and have been sent back to your blog to read the entire post.

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