How Waterless Car Wash Works ? - A Step-by-Step Guide

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You spend a lot of money buying a car, so you must keep your car in great condition. A perfectly clean car has a higher resale value in comparison to a filthy car. Also, when you drive in a clean and shiny looking car, it brings a positive vibe in you & also you create a positive social impression. Now, the question is how to clean your car ? The standard method of cleaning a car is washing it with detergent solution, which uses a lot of water and is harmful to the environment. Another new approach is the waterless car wash.


The best waterless car wash company uses high lubricity solution to wash a car's surface. The procedure required here is to spray the car's surface and tenderly wipe it off. It gives an ideal shine to your car and repels dirt particles.


The primary benefit of a waterless car wash is that it is eco-friendly, unlike traditional car wash, and furthermore, it is incredibly efficient. Also, this technique uses no water. This is the reason waterless car washing is also called spray car wash or dry car wash. Waterless car wash is additionally beneficial for car service providers as it requires less space to wash the car and saves gallons of water. Globally we are running out of freshwater. It is our responsibility to adopt such ways to save water.


Numerous individuals don't have time to clean their cars. These individuals are searching for something which can give a unique way of washing their cars. Waterless car wash technology is an innovative method to keep your car clean, which will save not only water but also your money. In this article, we will find how waterless car wash works.


How Does A Waterless Car Wash Work ? 


waterless car wash

First, we should talk about how this waterless car wash function. The waterless car wash or dry wash technique uses high lubricity liquid to clean and wash the car's body. On account of the high lubricity of the liquid, it removes the soil and residue particles. In simple words, waterless car wash formula works the same as how water removes dirt, yet this is more efficient as it uses a blend of plant-based substances.


It merely includes the procedure of spraying the surface of the car and afterward clearing it off. This typically evacuates any light soil or stains that are on your car's surface.


Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your car shiny in no time at your door step with 'GoWaterless' - the best waterless car wash company in India.


We got in touch with them and discussed the waterless car wash process that they follow to clean the vehicles with utmost customer satisfaction.


Step 1 – They start by taking a microfiber towel and folding it twice in half to create eight useable sides. Remember that they use the best quality microfiber towel as it provides high absorption power, which helps to clean the dirt particles. They ensure that towels are clean before using them. 


Step 2 – The next step involves splitting up your car into different sections, as mentioned below. Work is done on one part at a time, so it's simple for you to clean the car effectively. 


  • Side glass
  • Rooftop
  • Hood and trunk
  • Side entryways
  • Front guard
  • Back guard
  • The lower half of the side entry
  • Wheels


It is recommended to utilize several microfiber towels for cleaning various areas of the car. Quit utilizing a piece of towel, in case; it becomes too dirty. If cleaning is not done in a correct manner, it can lead to scratches on your car. Never reuse a filthy microfiber towel, which may bring scratches to the body surface.


Stage 3 – The best method is to start cleaning from the top of the car to abstain from spilling when utilizing spray on the rooftop.


Now, the waterless car wash formula is sprayed on the cleaning towel and onto the vehicle's surface. Then, it is tenderly wiped off quickly. Furthermore, rapidly buff utilizing a subsequent spotless and dry microfiber material. 


Stage 4 – The next step includes wiping gently in one direction. The body of the car is cleaned delicately without applying a lot of pressure. Try not to go circular, or you'll simply wind up keeping the dirt particles on the car.


Stage 5 – When the towel gets very filthy, utilize one of the other clean sides. Using the clean side each time will help not to reintroduce the dust on the car. This procedure is followed to clean different sections of a car. Different microfiber towels are used for various sections as per the specification & requirement to protect it from any damage totally.


Exterior & Interior cleaning is done following the above steps.


Is Waterless Car Wash Productive ? 


When you compare waterless car wash's efficiency with regular wash for your car, this technique is more advanced, as they have to make up for the absence of water. Therefore, proficiency in utilizing waterless car wash is better than utilizing water-based strategies.


Furthermore, while doing water-based cleaning, you need 200 to 300 liters of water to clean your car, but in the waterless technique, you need just a little portion of spray and microfibrous towels for wiping purposes.


Best Waterless Washing Towels Used


For cleaning purposes, a piece of soft cotton microfiber is utilized, which comprises of deep nabs as this offers an adequate space for dirt to stick to the towel. If a thin material with flat nabs is used for cleaning, it can't collect the dirt particles effectively.  


GoWaterless uses a clean microfiber towel and a part of the waterless car wash formula. There are numerous kinds of towels; however, it's ideal to utilize a microfiber one. If you utilize an ordinary or low-quality cloth, it might harm your car and the paint.


These microfiber towels have high absorption power, so it removes the soil particles rapidly. It would be best if you took note of the towel utilized must be immaculate before you start cleaning.  




'Go Waterless' is the latest technological advancement and the best waterless car wash company in India. It has changed the perception that washing a car without using even a single drop of water is possible. It is also the best way to restore and maintain the pristine condition of your beloved car without the use of harmful detergents & chemicals. 

'GoWaterless' is the only company to innovate a 100% eco-friendly product that has been extracted from plants that bring a superior quality finish & shine to your car that makes your car look brand new again.

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