Why are inguinal hernias more common in males?

by Dr. Chirag Thakkar Surgeon

What causes inguinal hernias?

An inguinal hernia happens when the tissue in parts of your body such as intestine, extends to the point, which is a weak spot in abdominal muscles and makes it unbearable. This bulge that develops can sometimes be very painful if it triggers like when you bend down or cough, also if you lift something heavy it may put pressure on the bulge.

In many males this abdominal boys weakness may have been there from birth; this leads to English near the hernia. A hernia may occur when the abdominal line is not closed properly. It also happens over time when the muscles become weak and loose due to the aging process. This weakness in the abdominal wall does not only occur on birth but can also take place as you go on through life because of unhealthy activities like smoking. The weak point in men is the spermatic cord which enters the scrotum; this is where the inguinal hernia can take place.

An inguinal hernia isn’t really dangerous as it is not self-improvement, so it doesn’t spread on its own, but the downside to it is that it can sometimes be more of a problem than you expect at worst case scenarios it can even be life-threatening. To fix an inguinal hernia, it takes a simple surgical procedure so that they can remove it. The doctors to recommend getting the surgery done because, at a point, it might enlarge and may even become very painful.

The symptoms of inguinal hernia

  • Pubic bone can become clear when you are sitting upright, especially when you cough or strain if there is a bulge on any of the two sides of the bone.
  • If you to get the bulge, there might be a little burning or aching on that spot.
  • If you feel pain on your groin, especially with emphasizing lifting weights, coughing, or bending over.
  • Feeling weakness or unnecessary pressure on your groin may be a sign.
  • If there is a heavy sensation on your groin, it’s also a symptom.
  • They might be swelling on your testicles sometimes if the enlarging intestine comes down to the scrotum.

Reasons for being more common in males

Why is it more common in males you might ask. The problem is men develop hernias comparatively more than a woman because putting it in simple words it all comes down to how the testicles are formed. When a woman gives birth to a baby, it creates gaps in the abdominal muscles moving up, and down the inguinal canal, this prevents inguinal hernias from taking place. Hence, the inguinal hernia has a ten times more chance to occur in a male likely.

Common factors which can lead to inguinal hernia

  • Being male: simply being male can give you chances of getting an inguinal hernia.
  • Age: when you get older, your muscles become weak, this may cause an inguinal hernia.
  • Family history: Somethings you can and have because of family inheritance, and this might be one of those.
  • Coughing excessively: This can be caused due to smoking and can lead to inguinal hernia.
  • Inguinal hernia can also be caused if you have had surgery done how to repair it previously.

When should you be consulting a doctor?

You should concern the hernia specialist doctor if the hernia becomes too painful and if the bulge becomes dark patch like red or purple colored than you should definitely go to the doctor.

You should go and consult hernia surgeon, if you have a bulge on your groin, on any of the two sides of the pubic bone becomes very painful. It might be more noticeable if you are in a standing position and also you can feel the bulge if you’re hand is right above the place where it pains.

A hernia may not seem to be a really big problem, but if it occurs and when it gets really painful, it can be life-threatening. It’s better not to ignore a health problem, and brother get it recovered for fixed as soon as you diagnose the problem so if you get to know about your inguinal hernia you better not sit and wait on the problem rather get it treated.

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