Why Agencies Need to take Good Care of their Surrogate Mothers

by Mr Gaurav Surrogacy Agency
Looking at surrogate mothers as a business opportunity will not help any surrogate agency have a successful name in the industry. Surrogate women provide a selfless service by helping a life into the world, and they deserve to be treated with all the respect and care in the world.

Surrogate women dedicate their time, energy, and body to carry a child that they will eventually give away to the intended parent(s). A lot of physical and emotional strength is needed to do what they do.

Here are some of the reasons it is vital for surrogate agencies to ensure that surrogate mothers are taken good care of:

1. Take good care of the surrogate mother is taking good care of the baby(s)

The ultimate goal of any surrogate agency is to ensure that the child(s) is born healthy. The only way to do so is through the mother carrying the baby(s).

It is the surrogate agency’s responsibility towards the intended parents to ensure that a healthy baby(s) is born. It is important to take good physical and emotional care of the surrogate mother to be able to attain this.

Researches show that the foetus is exposed to cortisol, the stress hormone if the mother carrying the baby is stressed or anxious through the pregnancy. The chances of the baby(s) developing behavioural problems doubles if the surrogate mother goes through depression or any such psychiatric issues.

2. What you sow is what you reap

Surrogate agencies that do not spend time and effort in taking care of their surrogate mothers cannot expect a 100% success rate in the health of the baby(s).

Surrogates will only return to the agency if the whole experience has been pleasant to them. Both intended parent(s) and the surrogate need to be sure that the surrogate agency has done absolutely everything in their power to have a healthy pregnancy if they have to consider returning to the same agency in the future.

Surrogate mothers are prone to developing many health complications such as high blood pressure, stress, and other physical and mental issues due to hormonal imbalance if they are not taken care of suitably. When there are lives at stake, their health should be taken care of at any cost.

3. Taking good care of the surrogate mothers will prevent any miscommunications

All parties involved; the surrogate mother and the intended parents need to feel satisfied with the service received from the surrogate agency. All their questions and clarifications need to be answered so that they are clear what they are getting into before the contract is signed.

The only reason a surrogate mother and the intended parent(s) chooses an agency is so that the process is smoother. A surrogate mother does not need to worry about the rules, regulation, and paperwork while she is in pregnant. Also, if the clarifications are not cleared initially, chances of disputes later are higher. This will only stress everyone involved in the whole process.

4. Surrogate agencies work as the line of control to ensure that the surrogate mothers are not abused

It is important for the surrogate agency to check the motivation of the surrogate mother for joining the programme.

All references need to be checked to understand how the family feels about her becoming a surrogate mother. There have been cases where women have been forced to be a surrogate mother for the money or the women participate in the surrogate programme without the family’s consent. Either of these cases is not an ideal place for a child to be born.

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