Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

by Mr Gaurav Surrogacy Agency
A pregnancy test is one of the best ways to confirm if you are pregnant or not. With modern technology, you also have the convenience of Ultrasound tests, which is very much effective in confirming your pregnancy.

Traditionally, women used to depend on other signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are pregnant or not. Some of these methods may also be so perfect that the exact time of pregnancy and delivery can also be mentioned accurately.

One of the most effective signs of being pregnant is the moment women notice they just missed their regular periods. Apart from this, other symptoms may include fatigue, sensitivity to smell and morning sickness.

When do women notice these symptoms?

You need to keep in mind that pregnancy generally depends a lot on the menstrual period. So if you have had your last menstrual period, then it can also be the first week of your pregnancy.

Based on this, experts may also calculate the expected time of delivery. During the first few weeks, most women may lack showing symptoms and signs of pregnancy. Experts would calculate this time by counting backwards around 40 weeks.

Early symptoms and signs of pregnancy

1 Cramps spotting as first signs

During the first three to four weeks of pregnancy, women may notice cramps and spots developed on the lower part of their body. In a few cases, implantation bleed may also be early symptoms of being pregnant. Urine may be brown, red or pink in colour. Women may notice spotting in the form of blood clots and pain.

Bleeding, pains and episodes are very common early signs of pregnancy in women, and its symptoms can be seen for around three days consistently.

2. Missed periods

One of the most common signs of pregnancy is that women, when pregnant, miss their period cycle. During this period, the ovary may not produce egg resulting in a missed period. The symptoms can generally be noticed four weeks from pregnancy stage.

This is also the right time for any women to undergo pregnancy test via a urine sample. In case the test is positive, it is also advisable to meet your doctor immediately.

3. Increased body temperature

During pregnancy, most women show an increase in their normal body temperature. This is considered as early pregnancy signs when the temperature is much higher than normal. As per experts, during this stage, women need to consume more water and stay hydrated.

4. Fatigue feeling

Fatigue feeling is one of the most common and early signs of pregnancy. Most women experience this symptom during early stages of pregnancy as Progesterone level in their body also increases. Early symptoms may also make women feel lazy and sleepy during the day time.

In case you avoid getting sufficient sleep, then you may also feel exhausted. Experts suggest that mild exercises may prove helpful during this stage. It is also ideal for maintaining a cool temperature at home.

5. Elevated heartbeat

During pregnancy, women also face increased heart rate, which is most common between 8th to 10th weeks of pregnancy. Heartbeats much faster and palpitations are very common. Hormonal changes may also occur during this stage. As heartbeat increases, so the flow of blood to the body parts also increases; low effect drugs can thus be suggested by the doctors.

Apart from these, there may be hundreds of other signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

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