Which Rashi can get Benefit from Blue Saphaire?

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It is very usual for customers to wonder if their horoscope is compatible with a particular gemstone. The sun-sign, which is also called “rashi” in some Indian tongues, is considered to be an important factor when buying gemstones. Here, we shall talk about the rashi(s) that can be compatible with Blue Sapphire. But first, a bit about the gemstone in question would not be redundant.

In a name fitting of its appearance, the Blue Sapphire is regarded worldwide as one of the most precious of gemstones. The gemstone, like all variants of Sapphire, is a member of the corundum category of gemstones. Khanna Gems proudly states its commitment in bringing blue sapphires to its customers online, where they can browse the gemstones with ease. Located in the natural deposits that are found in the countries including but not limited to Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Thailand, the Blue Sapphire or Neelam is one of the most coveted gemstones available in the market. The stone’s dazzling magnificence is highlighted by its numerous associations with folk culture as well, where it is highly revered to possess potent magical powers. The stone is also known to be a favourite of royalty, with various rulers and monarchs being known to possess one as a symbol of power and dominance.

In the Indian context, Blue Sapphire is mythologically associated with the planet Saturn, which also happens to be a deity in Hinduism (‘Shani’). The gemstone is consequently fabled to be extremely powerful in warding off evil of all kinds from its wearer. People are also known to purchase a blue sapphire for its reputation of being able to cure various physiological ailments such as complications of kidney and liver, and the gemstone is also known to be effective in cases that might otherwise seem complex. The gemstone is also famous to be a nervous relaxant; it is known to ease the central nervous system of the wearer which grants them mental peace. Many folklores and fables also state the stone to possess the power and charm of an amulet, and consider it to be extremely powerful in safeguarding the wearer against disasters and natural calamities.

Coming to the pertinent issue, the rashis that are considered by astrologers to be compatible to Blue Sapphire are Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn or Shani is fabled to be favorable to these sun-signs, which is in fact a tall order. Blue Sapphire is infamous for its selective compatibility, and only the two aforementioned sun-signs are considered to be fit to wear one. The gemstone is more resilient than any other when it comes to a mismatch, and results can prove to be hazardous.

If you are buying a blue sapphire for its astrological merits, it is obvious that you would settle for only an authentic gemstone. Khanna Gems/Gem Selections is the definitive gemstone dealer where you can avail an authentic blue sapphire from. Any of their retail stores or online stores would do the trick, the latter being increasingly favoured by customers worldwide.

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