Which Rashi can wear Pukhraj for Astrological Benefits?

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Astrology and palmistry are disciplines that understandably deal with cosmology. Given this common knowledge, astrology is deeply related to horoscope and rashi. Astrological gemstones consequently are thus assigned to specific groups of compatible rashis; every gemstone is selectively favourable to one or more rashis. This article shall discuss about purchasing Pukhraj, and its association with horoscope.

Pukhraj, as many might already be aware of, is the Indian moniker ascribed to the gemstone that is known across the world as Yellow Sapphire. The gemstone is a type of Sapphire, and thus stems from the Corundum group of minerals. Coming in dazzling and alluring shades of Yellow. The gemstone demands an appeal not just in India but gemstone communities all round the world. The stone is almost surprisingly familiar amongst the students in India; pukrajes worn on rings on students’ fingers is not exactly a rare sight in India. But like any other gemstone in the country, Pukhraj too suffers from peddling of misinformation. Before getting to the question of rashi, let us first learn about the astrological properties of the gemstone.

The stone has multiple sources of origin including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar to name a few, with the Ceylonese variant being the most popular amongst the lot. Pukhraj as a gemstone is known to bring success and stability, and is trusted by the relatively important members of the society. Famous for its appearance in nature in various shades of yellow, the gemstone is known to be the birthstone of Jupiter, also known as Brihashpati. The benefits of wearing a pukhraj gemstone are known to include divine insight and clarity in perception. If one were to summarise the host of astrological powers that the stone possesses, the list would include intelligence, prosperity, physical prowess, health and longevity of life. Pukhrajes usually come in four shades of yellow, and the popularity and power of a gemstone depends on its shade. Usually, the darker the yellow is of a pukhraj stone, the more powerful it is considered to be. Colourless pukhrajes are also available on the market, but they are considered to be of relatively lower quality than the other variants. The variant of Pukhraj that is golden yellow is the one that is most readily available in the market. The dark yellow variant of the gemstone, close to the colour of amber, is the one that is considered to be most powerful, and usually costs the most amongst the lot.

Coming to the pertinent topic of Rashi, the favourable sun-signs for Pukhraj are considered to be Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn. However, other rashis are also permitted, though the gemstone being not as favourable to those as it is believed to be to the aforementioned three. At any rate, there being more factors at play than simply the rashi, it is always advised to talk over the issue(s) with a trusted astrologer before proceeding to purchase a pukhraj, or any other gemstone. Once you get the green light, the buying part is made relatively easy with the presence of Khanna Gems, which is the most trusted name in the gemstone business.

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