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It is amazing how the discarded component is now preserved to be manufactured as a health supplement. Whey is the white milk residual, which is now found to be a high-quality protein. Hence, it is certainly a blessing in disguise.  This article is all about the details and benefits of whey protein.


Whey is one of the two most important milk proteins, the other being casein. Whey is extracted during cheese production from milk. Whey is basically the fatty substance in milk that coagulates during cheese production. It is liquid in nature and is known for its high nutritional value.

The best whey protein is the ON whey protein. The optimum nutrition whey protein comes in a variety of flavors. It is loaded with a bunch of nutrients and is low in sugar. Whey protein supplementation is helpful for fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to lose weight. The ON whey protein comes in the form of powder, bars, and shakes. It works as a meal replacement also.

If you are wondering if whey protein is good for you, then check out its nutritional details mentioned below. One scoop of whey protein includes 113 calories, whereby:

Fats- The total fat content is 0.5 g (saturated fat is 0.3 g. Trans Fat is 0 g). The total polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat content are 0.1 g each;

Cholesterol- Cholesterol is just 5.1 mg, which make up for 2% of your daily requirement;

Minerals- The sodium content is 50 mg, which leads to 2% of your daily nutritional value, while the potassium content is 160 mg. Then, there is 2% iron, and 12% calcium.

Carbs- The total carb content in a whey protein supplement is 2 g, out of which, dietary fiber contains 1%.

Protein- Above all the protein content is 25 g. That proves that whey is heavily endowed with protein, and is the best source of the macromolecule.

ON whey protein, the best whey protein, comes in three different forms namely:

Hydrolysate Whey

Hydro whey, hydrolysate whey, or hydrolyzed whey, you call it anything. The supplement is a highly refined form of whey protein. It is a pre-digested whey protein. The hydro whey protein is known for its quick absorption and fast-digesting qualities. Hydro whey even helps in maintaining your insulin level.

Isolate Whey

The isolate whey protein contains 90% protein. It is low in fat and lactose and is good for people who have lactose intolerance.

Concentrate Whey

The whey protein concentrate contains lesser protein as compared to isolate and hydro whey. The whey concentrate forms around 70-80% protein. The whey concentrate contains some amount of lactose and fat. It is also the most delicious of all the three whey protein types.


Now let us plunge on to the benefits of whey protein.

Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass

The foremost benefit of whey protein is that it increases your muscle strength and muscle mass. Whey protein releases anabolic hormones such as insulin, which caters to one’s muscle growth. Whey protein is rich in leucine, an essential amino acid. Leucine helps in stimulating muscle protein synthesis in the human body. Whey also offers a good amount of protein and amino acids which boost muscle growth. It is a perfect protein source that generates muscle growth faster.

Feel Fuller

When do people ask if whey protein is good for you? The answer is yes. Whey protein has high satiating power. It contains protein, which is the most important macronutrient. Protein is the chief nutrient when it comes to satiety. Protein keeps you full for a long time and helps in balancing the number of calories that you consume.  Various studies have shown that protein consumption, alone cab decrease your hunger cravings by 60%. Combining whey protein intake with weight lifting is the best way to gain desirable results. Along with offering satiety, whey protein also boosts your metabolism. It decreases your appetite and helps in preserving your lean muscle mass.

Recovery from Exercise

Consumption of whey protein helps in quick recovery from exercise. Whey protein whether taken in the form of powder, bars, shakes on any other form after a workout is beneficial. Whey protein improves your athletic abilities also. Whey protein increases your running speed and therefore helps in better recovery from workouts.

Decreases Cholesterol

Next amongst all the benefits of whey protein is that it helps in decreasing your total cholesterol. Whey protein also controls LDL cholesterol much more effectively than any other protein.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Next, whey protein supplementation is good for regulating blood pressure. It is helpful for individuals with hypertension. Whey protein supplementation is really effective in decreasing blood pressure. As a result, it saves you from incurring other fatal heart risks.

Other Health Benefits

Whey protein offers a wide range of benefits. It offers numerous health benefits like strengthening immunity and protecting one against the symptoms of psoriasis. Whey protein also contains anti-cancer properties.


Often people question is whey protein good for you to lose weight? Oh yes, it is, especially the ON whey protein. The optimum nutrition whey protein contains all the essential nutrients for weight loss. It helps in building muscles, and parallel increases your metabolism. Not to forget, whey protein increases satiety and thereby helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

The best part is that the ON whey protein is so easy to consume. It comes in powder form and is incredibly easy to be included in your diet. You do not have to cook it. Simply mix the ON whey protein powder in water, milk, or other liquids such as smoothies and enjoy a delicious drink. Taking the ON whey protein in a liquid form helps in the quick absorption of the nutrients.


Various studies depict that taking the ON whey protein regularly along with working out will reduce your belly fat. The ON whey protein has a direct effect on belly fat, provided you combine it with strength training. Whey protein is helpful in keeping you full and letting you control your hunger pangs.

Whey protein suppresses the urge to eat large meals or snacks. Also, it helps you to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Add to that, it is low in calories. One scoop of whey protein contains just 100 calories. Also, whey supplements have low fats and sugars. Whey protein can be taken as an alternative to foods and snacks. Whey protein contains more calories, additives, carbohydrates, and fats.

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