Where to Purchase Your Shutters and Vertical Blinds on the Net?

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Unlike Venetian blinds, vanes or slats run up-and-down instead of left-to-right in Vertical blinds. Also known as roller blinds, these are a go-to option for rooms with a wide window expanse or sliding doors or any open wall-space   that is difficult to cover with other window treatments. These can also be a viable solution for hard-to-fit bay windows. If you are planning to buy vertical blinds online in India, here’s what you should know to begin.

Materials- Vertical blinds are available in a number of different materials, namely, fabric, vinyl, wood, aluminium etc.


Width and Height-Their width varies between 3½ to 300 inches and is chosen based upon the size of the window.  The thumb rule to follow while buying vertical blinds online is more-for-more. That means, – the bigger the window, the wider and the width you should choose. Further, these can be cut to the height required.


Shape- Vertical blinds can are available in different shapes which vary from flat to S-shape. You may also get customised shape and design.

Mechanism- Due to their back-and-forth movement, these are a great option or a combination to curtains. These are hanged and controlled by wireless cords or remotes. Easy to install, vertical blinds can be mounted outside or inside the window frame. Generally, the slats are stringed or chain together at the bottom so that the blinds do not swing or part.


Choose blinds that match the décor of your home or office. Vertical blinds are perfect for modern, contemporary, and transitional spaces.  If the room is a bit cramped, these are a great choice to add some visual height to the room. Further,you can have the privacy and light control on blinds of the sliding glass doors and hard-to-fit windows. A sunny room looks spacious and more open, so you may choose to let more light in rooms that feel dark and restricted; without compromising on privacy.


Cleaning vertical blinds


These are easy to clean and maintain. Close the blind before you begin cleaning and clean each slat separately. First remove the dust using a dry cloth. Then, rub a little vinegar or soap on a damp cloth and rub it gently on each slat. You may also use vacuum hose with an attached brush to clean the dust.Clean the tracks as well because dust accumulated on these could make the blinds less efficient. Repeat the entire process to clean other side of the blinds too.



Repairing vertical blinds

Because of the sophisticated track and swivelling mechanisms, vertical blinds are a bit difficult to repair as compared to Venetian blinds. While repairing it yourself or getting these blinds repaired from a professional, you should know about its parts. The list given below should be helpful.

·        Tilt mechanisms

·        Cords

·        Tilt mechanisms

·        Brackets

·        Wands and wand tips

·        Vanes and vane parts

·        Fasteners and more

When buying vertical blinds online in Delhi or in any other city, always choose among the reputable sellers and don’t forget to understand the terms and conditions of availing warranty.

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