Where to Find All Dolls in Resident Evil 3 Demo

by elina John IT Expert

Capcom has released the demo version of forthcoming Resident Evil 3. The demo version has clearly depicted the gamers about the included changes and aspects. The new version of Resident Evil 3 has more puzzles and quests than its predecessor.

One of the quests that have becoming nerve-triggering for the gamers is to locate the Dolls of Mr. Charlie. Below we have specifically mentioned the location alongside ways to find the dolls of Charlie.

About Charlie Dolls

The game includes 20 dolls, and all of them have been orientated at a distinctive location. Gamers need to demolish the heads of a bobble in order to attain the dolls. In return, as a reward, they will get essential stuff that they can also use in Resident Evil 3 after it gets released.

Location of Charlie Dolls

Although finding these dolls isn’t a hard task to do, but out of 20, the location of six dolls keep on changing, so it is hard to brief out their exact location. Gamers need to find their location out of their own. Whereas the remaining 14 are lying in the same place, and below we have specified about each of them alongside their location.

1 Doll: Gamers will find the first doll beside the train car, and once they have navigated it, then they need to destroy it. It is advisable to destroy the doll using a gun.

2 Doll: Gamers need to go to the first safe house, and the doll is lying on the table aside to a manual. Once the gamers find the doll, then they should also look for an Easter Egg of Mega Man.

3 Doll: Gamers will find the doll in the backside of the ambulance that has orientated aside the body bags.

4 Doll: Gamers will find the doll inside the police car hood that has parked beside the barricades.

5 Doll: Gamers will find the doll in the Moon Donuts‘ Scaffolding.

6 Doll: Gamers need to go to the roof using the metal staircase, and it will take them towards the roof where large boxes have been placed in random order. The doll lies above these boxes.

7 Doll: Gamers need to go to the room which has a safe and inside the safe, the doll lies on one of the shelves.

8 Doll: Gamers need to go to the track that lies above the head of Jill. There, on the track, the eight doll lies.

9 Doll: Gamers have to go to the safe code, and there, they need to open it. Once they manage to open it, then they have to look for the dolls on the shelves.

10 Doll: Gamers need to go to the shop where the doll is lying at the back of one of its counters. The doll is lying aside to a microwave. However, the door of the shop is closed, and it will be open using bolt cutters.

11 Doll: Gamers have to go to the safe of the subsequent shop where the above-mentioned doll is hidden. The eleventh doll is hidden in one of the shelves of the safe.

12 Doll: The gamers require to head to the cabinet using their Shotgun, and the twelfth doll is lying on its floor.

  1. Doll: The thirteenth doll is placed inside the Donut shop, which is locked by the fence. The gamers need to use the bolt cutters and open it. Inside the shop, the doll is hidden inside the equipment boxes.

14 Doll:  The fourteenth doll lies inside one of the shelves of the Donut shop, and it will be clearly visible once the gamers visited the checkout stand of the subsequent shop.

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