When Artificial Intelligence Meets Big Data

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Artificial intelligence and big data are two of the most important terms that the world is talking about. There is a lot of development taking place in this field and are paving the way for new inventions that are making life simpler and task completion with fewer flaws and errors. When it comes to its usage, then Artificial intelligence is not a new term, instead it has been existence for a long time. It's only in the last few years that we have seen some significant developments in this field.

If we are talking about Artificial Intelligence, then it is incomplete without data. In fact, data forms the basis of the successful functioning of AI. So, how are these two interrelated, and what does it hold for the future. Any kind of technology is incomplete without the support of its area expert. The similar applies to big data and AI; you would need the help of artificial intelligence developer and prominent data experts. They work towards implementing the best practices of both these technologies and ensuring the successful execution of the program.

How Is AI and Big Data Interrelated

When we talk about the relationship between these two, then AI and big data share a reciprocal relationship. Both these work together to explore what the data has stored in for them and use it to the fullest potential such that it helps the organization making the best use of the same. 

Today every organization needs data; this data forms the basis for various work and formulating strategies of growth for the organization. Hence, careful and apt assessment of data and using the inferences to formulate strategies. 

  1. AI is creating new methods for analyzing data- So, as an organization, you have got a lot of data, and more of it is coming, but the critical point to consider here is how well the company can use and derive inferences. AI and ML are doing so. It is the job of artificial intelligence developer to work towards using the data present with the company and then designing and assessing different tools and programs that can be helpful for the end-user. 

  2. Data analytics is becoming less labor-intensive- Although we have seen the development of various tools and technologies that have simplified the tasks, it would still need a significant amount of manual assistance. For example, it's an artificial intelligence developer who will use different methodologies of AI to assess data aptly. Hence, you cannot undermine the importance of an expert in the field. Whether it is big data or AI or ML, there is going to be a greater need for certified professionals in these fields such that they can use the tools in the right direction. 

  3. Analytics become more predictive and prescriptive- Gone are the days when data analytics was going through historical data and making predictions. But, when we talk about AI in the common term, then it has expanded its work horizons, and now it is functioning differently. AI and ML are now working towards analyzing data to formulate strategies for the future. Conventionally, big data decisions were based on past and present data points, thereby resulting in ROI. But, with the help of AI, the changes and transformation have come in. With the help of prescriptive analytics, leveraging AI, it has the potential to provide futuristic strategies, thereby helping the business grow.  So, we can conclude that AI is strengthening Big Data, thus ensuring complete and correct assume and use of data.

Well, these are some of the few ways in which AI can strengthen Big Data. Both these technologies are there to stay and thus paving the way for new career avenues. We cannot undermine the fact that we need technological advancement to ensure that the business grows and also come up with tools that will eventually help in simplifying people‚Äôs lives. AI and Big Data are going to be the underpinning of growth for any organization. 

However, there is still a lack of necessary skills and workforce that can efficiently use this technology, thereby ensuring the right use and assessment. It has led to a rise in demand for big data certifications and artificial intelligence certification. These certification programs are designed to help the learner get complete knowledge about AI and Big Data. 

Our Role

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