Python Certification: Are They Worth It in 2020?

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Programming languages have long been in existence, and every time you can find new programming languages sweeping away the old one. To stay adept with the latest development in technology, knowledge about a programming language is paramount. One of the programming languages that has garnered a lot of attention in recent times is Python. Whether you want to excel as a Big Data expert or you, want to make your way to become a data scientist, IoT expert, or even an AI expert, Python programming is a must. As per the Stack Overflow survey, Python has taken over conventional programming languages like Java, C, C++. This makes Python certification as one of the most popular certification choices amongst the tech geeks. If you, too, are willing to make a career in this field, then we have this blog for you. 

Why should one go for Python certification?

If you are from the field of technology, you would have often heard about Python and would be well-acquainted with Python's popularity. So, what makes Python so popular, and why should you learn it? Let's explore:

1. Easy to learn- One of the first reasons that make Python a popular programming language choice is that it's easy to learn. It is a high-level programming language that is blessed with the community. At the same time, it is easy to interpret and is open source. All these features make it a popular programming language choice amongst the developers.

2. Good for web development- Python, is considered suitable for web development. It has an array of frameworks like django, Flask, Pylons, etc. this framework is Python, and hence it becomes easier for those who have knowledge about Python to work on it.

3. Computer graphics- Another reason that adds to Python's popularity is that it is being used in large and small online or offline projects. Python uses the 'Tkinter' library provides an easy way to create applications. Python is also popularly used in-game development to write the logic using the "pygame" module. 

4. Big Data- Python can easily handle a large volume of data, and it supports parallel computing where you can use Python for Hadoop. Python has a library, also called "Pydoop," and with this, you can write a MapReduce program. Python also has other libraries like "Dask" and "Pyspark: for processing Big Data. So, if you wish to become a big data expert, learning about Python certification is a good choice.


5. Data Science- Another area of application of Python is in data science. Python deals with Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries, which are helpful for Data Science. 

By now, we have discussed Python's application; from the above description, you can draw the inference that Python is a highly versatile language that finds a multitude of applications. Once you have learned Python, it becomes easier for you to make your career growth in your chosen field.

So how does it help you in the future? Let's have a quick gander at the same:

1. Bette salary- Everybody wants to earn well, and one of the ways is to stay abreast with the skills that are in demand in the market. Upskilling yourself and learning a new programming language will surely help you become an expert in your professional world. A Python developer can easily make $123,642 per year. Since Python is a popular programming language, if you master this programming language, you will become a more efficient and expert developer.

2. Give more weightage to your resume- Since Python is the most sought-after programming language, knowledge about the same will give you an upper edge. You can also opt for a Python crash course, which is specially curated for working professionals.

3. It is the fastest-growing programming language- Python is undoubtedly the fastest-growing programming language. As per Codecademy, there was a 34% increase in users studying Python in 2018. As per, Python is the fastest-growing programming language. Its versatile and ease of usage makes it one of the popular choices amongst the developers.

With all these advantages that Python offers, it is undoubtedly reigning a supreme choice amongst both young developers and those who have gained experience in technology. 

Better job prospects, better package, and a promising future all these make Python a popular career choice amongst all. So, if you wish to become a Python expert, this is the time to join the Python crash course certification.

Concluding thoughts:

If you are looking for a good learning platform that can provide you all the insight into Python while helping you learn the same practical applications, then Global Tech Council is the right choice. It is a leading platform that offers a blend of both classroom learning and practical learning. 

You can opt for an online Python certification course and become an expert in this domain. Connect with the Global Tech Council today.

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