Retail Business Students Are Starting Their Careers With Virtual Reality Certification

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Today, we live in a time where the virtual world is ruling the real world, and it won't be wrong to claim that virtual reality has taken over the real world. When we talk about the VO, it's not the gaming area and its use cases; rather, it has become a part of the curriculum and emerged as a popular career option. Virtual reality experts are in great demand, and individuals are actively seeking professional certification in this field. The need for VR developers has also increased over a period of time. The VR industry revenue is expected to reach over 40 billion U.S. dollars by the end of  2020. This growing revenue indicates the growth of this industry and the ever-increasing demand for Virtual reality experts. Well, our point of discussion here includes why retail students are taking so much interest in virtual reality certification

Virtual reality and real estate sector-

The retail industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, globally. They work on different methodologies that ensure better customer satisfaction and enhance the consumer experience. With technological hybridization, companies are now providing unique and memorable consumer experiences. People are using different technological tools for grocery shopping; e-commerce websites are being actively used. But, with AR and VR, we are expecting the retail experience to transmogrify. 

As per the reports of Goldman Sachs, the market of virtual reality is expected to reach the mark of $1.6 billion by 2025. Reports also show that around 2/3rds of users would be using VR. Approximately 63% say that such technologies will change the shopping experience. 

When it comes to the use cases of virtual reality in the retail business, then there is a different spectrum of businesses that can benefit from the same. It can be used in planning, designing, recreating, and even enhancing the customer experience. With the help of VR, retail companies can also gain a competitive advantage over others. 

Retail industries using VR for training and enhancing consumer experience- 

If you are wondering that the use cases of AR and VR training in the retail business are the new kid in the block, then the fact is that Walmart has been silently working on this since 2017. The company started using the VR headsets at their training centers, aka Walmart Academies. The company has used this technology to improve employee experiences, assess workers' skills, and present new ways of training the staff. 

The company is using virtual reality to train employees to train their employees and prepare them to handle commotion when customers move in on sales day, or to assess how workers respond to angry shoppers. It is also used to ascertain which employees' skills are required to fill the middle management position. This clearly shows that virtual reality can not only help in improving the customer experience but at the same time, it also shows that companies can also benefit from the same. 

Walmart found that after using the VR tool for training, its employees performed better. And hence, virtual reality finds varied applications at different levels. Thus making it the technology of the future. 

Imagine if you can see yourself wearing a particular attire and how would you look in it, without actually wearing it; well, that is amazing, especially after a pandemic, when people would be skeptical about every second thing around them, VR can be the probable solution they are looking for.  This is just one example that we can quote; another example that we would like to mention here is that of Lexus. Yes, this car manufacturing company gives its buyers the feel of driving the Lexus car without actually leaving the showroom. Isn't that amazing, this one just of the real-life examples where companies are using VR to enhance the customer experience. 

Many professional certification courses in virtual reality impact all the conceptual and practical knowledge about VR. 

The Future

The technological dependency will increase in the times to come, and so would be the need for individuals who can help in the seamless integration of new technological advancements. VR is one such technology, while many others in the league like AI, ML, etc. 

VR has become a popular career option; many people associated VR with the gaming industry. Still, the fact of the matter is that it finds many uses across different sectors, and retail is one of them. Another area that can be transformed using VR is the education sector. 

Choose the right course

Suppose you wish to make a career in the field of virtual reality. In that case, it becomes important that you must choose the right learning platform. Global Tech Council offers certification courses in virtual reality that will help you learn about the concepts of VR and at the same time its implementation. Their online programs are considered one of the best online certificate programs in virtual reality. If you, too, wish to become a part of this learning experience, enroll in this program today.

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