Tyres for Electric Cars, More Comfortable and Eco-Friendly

by Jacob T. Digital Marketing Analyst

The first electric vehicle was developed around two hundred years ago during the 19th century. Back then it was too expensive to get one and thanks to other drawbacks such as low speed and little battery lifespan, they became obsolete. However, nowadays the interest in electric cars has increased and they have become more attractive in a world where environmental challenges such as pollution and carbon emissions are a rising concern for the vast majority.


A lot of new research has confirmed that this type of car helps to conserve the environment. They are charged with renewable and clean energy, and release a reduced volume of greenhouse gases per mile compared to a normal diesel or gasoline car. This new task has forced manufacturers to adjust and produce the correct tyre for electric cars. That is why Pirelli Tyres has developed a set of tyres that respond to this type of automobile and help to keep the world clean.


One of the main advantages of electric cars is the impact they have enhancing the quality of the air not just in big cities but also in the countryside. When you drive one of these cars, they do not produce any carbon dioxide which diminishes air pollution. Drivers that own an electric car appreciate an eco-friendly and pleasant driving.


Do you require special tyres for your electric car?


Let’s not forget that a special car requires an even more special set of tyres. The correct tyre can boost your comfort, safety, and the operating range of your vehicle.


Due to the new challenges that electric cars present, your tyres Coventry need to have some distinctive features. Pirelli Tyres offers first-class handling and control to get you home safely no matter the climate or the road, while also taking care of the environment.


Electric cars tend to have a different type of batteries that increase the weight of the car. If the vehicle is heavier it will take more time to stop. This means that superior tyres are essential as they need to have stronger sidewalls to manage the weight, mainly on wet and slippery streets like those in Coventry, so you avoid any surprises.


The tread is also important to take into account as it controls the vehicle’s grip. It helps to make this type of tyres quieter than the ones employed in conventional cars. 


You should also take special care to the rolling resistance: if your tyres have a smaller amount of rolling resistance, they will need less energy to switch so they will take you some extra miles with just one charge. This also has an impact on the environment as you will drive more with less energy.


Tyres designed for electric vehicles are made from different materials, they will probably be wider and should be strong enough to resist the additional weight of your electric vehicle. They should give you more range and offer you a quieter drive. These variances mean that they will cost you a little bit more than normal ones. However, do not forget that if you opt for economical tyres, you might have to replace them more often.

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