A Guide To Different Parts Of A Wheel

by Jacob T. Digital Marketing Analyst

While the world is mostly negligent about the importance of wheels, they are an integral part of a car or any vehicle for that matter. It is impossible to imagine a vehicle without wheels and neither is it possible to perform without them. Since our lives are so dependent on our automobiles, it is a necessity to keep them in proper condition. 

Before getting a particular part repaired, you are advised to develop a basic knowledge of how it functions. It is necessary to know all the basics, if not more, about wheels. Let us start on the journey of knowing the wheels.

Wheels Parts

Just like many other vehicle parts and tyres, the AVUS Alloy Wheels have a simple structure consisting of the following parts. 

There is the central bore which is the centre of the wheel. This is an extremely important component as it helps the wheel to fit on the axle. It also holds the wheel weight. This is the only portion that links the vehicle and the wheel. So, when you go purchasing new wheels for your car, you need to make sure that the central bore is of the same size as that of the OEM.

The next part that spreads outward from the centre bore is known as the central disc. This is the part that has a connection with every other part of the wheel and so it is a vital part as well. For example, this disc has bolt holes made in it, and then it is linked with lug bolts, axle seat, etc.

The lug holes would be the next in line as per the structure of the wheel. These are the openings where the bolt holes are machined and the lugs are inserted at the time of wheel installation. Usually, there are four to five holes in it. The part where the holes are present is known as the bolt circle and its diameter is called the bolt circle diameter abbreviated as BCD.

Then comes the part of spokes in the anatomy of a wheel; this region joins the centre disc to the outer ring of the wheel in particular. Since car alloy wheels are about strength and appearance, spokes are the specialist in it. These give strength and structural integrity to the wheel construction. Simultaneously, spokes also provide an attractive look to the wheel and car. It acts as an integral component of the wheel.

There is also an outer lip part which is mainly found in the deep dish wheels. In simple terms, whenever there is a large area between the spokes and the outer edge of the wheel, it is called a deep dish wheel and in In this case, the outer lip comes in handy to connect the spoke region with the outer edge of the wheel.

After this, the part which is known as the barrel is among the list of vital wheel parts. This is the basic structure on the outer edge of a wheel used for tyre mounting. The barrel comes in contact with the tyre when the tyre is attached to the wheel. 

There are subparts of the barrel and at the centre, there is the smallest diameter which is called the drop centre. Again the edges of the barrel are flared structures and are named flanges, which are responsible to arrest slippage of tyres after attaching it. The place where the tyre sits on the flanges is known as the beads which are flat in structure. 

There is another part of the flanges called the mounting hump which circles on both the sides of the wheel and helps to keep the beads at bay to not let the tyres slip away from their position after mounting.

These are some of the basic parts of a wheel and each of them has a vital purpose in making the wheel function smoothly. Knowing these shall help one in realising the next steps of how a wheel operates and aids in vehicle performance.

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