What to Keep in Mind when Designing a Public Toilet?

by Danial Martin Content Writer
When one decides to plan the layout of a public building, a bathroom might not get as much importance as it should. You see, any bathroom that provides the users with what they are looking for, like hygiene, privacy and comfort, always makes a good impression in the minds of the visitors. This helps these buildings garner more visitors and makes feel welcome. So to ensure that the visitors keep on coming, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing public loo/loos.

Here are a few basic things to keep in mind -
  • Separate loos for both men and women
  • Cubicles in each loo made out of a good toilet cubicle partition material
  • clean bathrooms
  • Easily maintainable cubicles that toilet cubicles manufacturers need to keep in mind
  • Running water (both hot and cold)
  • Good ventilation
  • Constant availability of toilet paper
  • Better disposal of feminine waste

Things users look forward to when using Public LOO's:
Privacy - There might be a number of reasons as to why people seek completely private bathrooms and this is something that a lot of you cannot debate on. If one does not feel shielded from others when using the loo, what is the point of having bathroom cubicles? Toilet cubicles India manufactures ensures that anyone and everyone who is using public loos feels at ease when completing their business. Some people are particularly shy about using a loo in public, and for them, such toilet cubicles prove to be the biggest boon.

The location - It is second nature to humans that we think making the usage of a loo more private. But that does not mean that bathrooms should be built in a secluded area of the said public building. When keeping safety a number one priority for the users and the visitors, it has been found that they always tend to lean more towards visibly accessible loos than loos that are situated in a corner of the building. This is due to the fact that these visibly accessible loos are less prone to being vandalized than their secluded counterparts.

Personalisation - Users and visitors always respond better to bathrooms and loos that are welcoming and more to their taste, with colourful and personalised. The sterile, hospital-like look of public loos might seem more convenient, but, in the long run, it does not prove to be too pleasing to the user. Today, users prefer coming into a bathroom that has bright colours, good lighting and fun music and they definitely feel more at ease using them as well.

Acoustics - People can get uncomfortable when using the loo if they sense that they can be heard across the bathroom easily. This is where the need for modular toilet cubicles that help keep the noise inside a particular cubicle itself comes into play.

Designing public loos can be a difficult affair, but by merely keeping a few things in mind, one can easily make bathrooms and toilets that users are not shy about using and are at ease in them.

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