Things to keep in Mind when Picking out a Restroom Partition

by Danial Martin Content Writer
What all goes into picking out the right kind of partition for your restroom, be it in a public area like in Malls or in an institution? A lot of factors need to be kept in mind to come to the right decision. Here are a few pointers that may be of help.

Restroom partitions, when having picked the right kind, can play a pivotal role in the kind of experience a user has when using the bathroom. The kind of material that you decide to go for in your modular restroom partition systems will depend on a number of conditions and reasons. So here is our guide about how you can choose the best kind of material for the restroom partitions.

Location - Where a bathroom is located in one of the main conditions that influence the choice of the material for the restroom partitions. What one needs to analyse in his aspect are the following pointers.

  • The kind of footfall that a bathroom receives has a lot to do with where the bathroom is situated. For example, if the bathroom is situated in a mall or something on the same lines where it sees a lot of crowds, then using a material that is durable and stain-free could be the best and safest bet. People might even resort to vandalizing the modular restroom partition systems, so a material that can be cleaned easily is also a plus.
  • For comparatively lesser crowded places, like universities and schools, the same rule applies. The restroom partitions need to be made of sturdy materials so that they do not get damaged even if kids are a little rough with them. Stain-free and easily cleanable materials are the best in this situation as well.
  • For loos that are nested in buildings that see less of a footfall like corporate offices and the likes, materials that can easily be cleaned and stay fresh are always better.

Economy: When looking to build a bathroom considering the kind and the number of people it sees on a daily basis, another thing to consider is the cost of using these modular restroom partition systems.
  • A place where there are a lot of restrooms to take care of like public places, malls, community centres and the likes, a material that is not only strong but one that is also economical is better. This is due to the fact that the restroom partitions will be included in a number of bathrooms across the location.
  • Similarly, in universities, a low-medium budget restroom partition systems that is also good quality-wise, will work brilliantly.
  • For high-end bathrooms like those in corporate offices, the budget can be taken up since these bathrooms will not be a lot to work with and one can concentrate on getting a higher-ended look using a material that is not only strong and lasting but also goes with the vibes of the office as well.

Another very important thing that every modular restroom partition system needs to include is that they should be able to repel bacteria. The fact that all bathrooms are teeming with germs is not a new thing to know, but having restroom partitions that do not attract bacteria can go a long way in keeping the users disease-free and hygienic.

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