What to Check in Your Car Before a Road Trip

by Kevin Smith Author

Going for a drive with family or friends is a fun way to make memories during your holiday break. Exploring new places with the people you love is simply refreshing and enjoyable. But, before you head out for the road, car safety checks should be performed to ensure everyone's protection. Here's what you should include in your inspection:

Condition of Oil, Coolant, and Other Fluids

Just as humans need blood, cars rely on essential fluids to last long and function efficiently. Without the right levels and quality, your vehicle might break down due to poor lubrication. Avoid issues like overheating or engine failure by having these topped up or replaced as needed:

·         Coolant

·         Oil

·         Brake fluid

·         Power steering fluid

·         Radiator fluid

·         Transmission fluid

·         Windshield washer fluid

State of the Tires

As your vehicle's legs, the tires mustn't have cuts, bulges, or tears to keep your car running smoothly and safely. These problems usually come with age, so check to see if you need to replace them. Additionally, the pressure and tread depth have to be examined to meet legal standards. For the former, use an appropriate gauge to maintain accuracy as under- or overinflation will lead to further complications. For the latter, find out if it's at least 2/32” deep by using the penny test.

Availability of Spare Tire

Apart from going over your car's existing tires, saving a spare one for the long trip ahead is another precautionary measure to take. The ride can be bumpy along the way, especially if the road hasn't been fully laid with concrete or asphalt. If sharp objects puncture your tire, an extra one can be a lifesaver. 

Performance of Brakes

See how your car reacts when you step on the pedal. If you observe anything suspicious like screechy sounds or a burning smell, call an expert to have the pads, shoes, and other components fixed. Your brake system must especially be in good shape for everyone's utmost safety during the ride.

Functionality of Exterior Lights and Horn

Having clear visibility on the road and observing proper signals are crucial to avoiding mishaps. This means your exterior lights and horn should be working properly for you to see well and inform other drivers of your next direction. So, check these parts to know if they're still fully functioning. Have them repaired by a professional at the first sign of damage.

Besides examining these things, you also need to perform a pre-departure check on your fuel level, mirror alignment, and so on. Taking time to address all your car's issues will ensure that you'll drive with ease and security. But, should unexpected situations arise during your road trip, fret not. Many companies are available 24/7 for roadside assistance and towing service in Effingham. Give them a call and help will arrive in no time. 

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