What One Should Know About Head Lice?

by Alice Smith Professional Writer

Lice are small, bloodsucking insects that live in a person’s hair. The issue is quite common that the majority of people suffer from and it’s much difficult to eliminate the issue. Head lice can get transmitted easily from one individual to another and are generally common among school children’s. The fact is that girls are infected more with head lice as compared to boys and women more as compared to men’s. There are numerous methods for treating head lice and no doubt; one can eradicate them from their hairs completely. Having lice in hairs doesn’t imply that a person keeps themselves unclean or because of poor hygiene. Any person can get hair lice, but they don’t carry any diseases.

What Are the Symptoms of Head Lice?

Below given are some signs of lice that incorporate:

•    Intense itching: One can feel itching on their scalp, neck and behind the ears. It’s generally an indication of an allergic reaction.

•    Difficulty sleeping: Lice are usually active during the night when it is dark, so one can feel problems while sleeping during the night.

•    Feeling of tickling

•    Red bumps and sores on the scalp: Infestation can, at times, results in excessive scratching and can cause sores and bumps all over the scalp.

Anyone can come in contact with lice; they can’t walk on the surface or fly so they can spread through:

Head to head contact: Children interacting closely

Things shared among companions: It may incorporate brushes, combs, towels, pillows and so on.

Contact with infected furniture: Sitting or sleeping on a bed which has been used by the person having lice can get infected.

How Are Lice Diagnosed?

One can diagnose lice by searching for the insects on the scalp. So, if someone doubts that their kids have lice, then it’s better to check the head thoroughly. To find the lice, use a fine comb to see the hair and to look for the lice at the back of the ears. One can choose the salon for removing lice from the hairs completely as they are perfect, and also they know how to remove them completely from one’s hair.

How One Can Prevent Lice?

However, lice are a common problem that the majority of people face in their daily lives. Below given are some measures that can help one to minimize the chances of lice to a great extent:

•    Tell kids to avoid touching their head with another child while playing or studying

•    Don’t allow the child to share personal belongings from others such as scarves, towels, combs and so on.

•    Cleaning all the items thoroughly like bed linens, blankets if a person having head lice had used it.

•    Vacuum carpets as well as upholstered furniture thoroughly.

What to Consider When Choosing a Lice Removal Salon?

Many salons offer the services of lice removal these days. However, not all are good; it’s important to invest some time in doing thorough research to find the best one. It’s better to choose a reliable and best salon that not only fulfills all the requirements of a person, however, offer quality services too. Ensure they make utilization of natural and chemical free products; otherwise; it can harm one’s health as well as hairs. Remember, when it’s all about one’s health as well as hairs, there must be no compromises!


Apart from irritation, sleep disturbance and so on, lice, if left untreated for a long time, can result in severe issues. For instance, frequently scratching on the head can cause rupture of the skin thus result in infections? As lice generally feed on human beings blood, the chronic infestation may result in blood loss or iron deficiency.

Such complications, no doubt, are rare! Hair lice are risk-free. However, it’s vital to get free from these.

Final Insights

Removing lice from the head completely is a very time-consuming task, and it requires much patience too. It’s better to visit a salon for the same as they are expert in removing lice from the head completely and also they know which product is suitable for what kind of hairs.

One can prevent lice from occurring again by simply not sharing hairbrushes, towels, bedding, scarves, combs and so on. They are nontoxic; however, they are infectious. As mentioned above, lice can cause extreme irritation as well as itching and can also be a reason for anxiety in some cases.  

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