What is White Hat Hacking & Different Types of Hackers?

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Hacking of data has become a common affair. There have been several cases of security breaches and cybersecurity issues that have been cropping up leading to a big question mark. The number of cases of hacking has increased, and owing to dependence on digital platforms companies are now looking forward to hiring a white hacking expert or are going ahead with white hacker training for their employees so that they ensure complete safety of their network and data. Before we go ahead to understand the importance of white hacking and white hat hacker certification programs, let's have a quick look at the rising number of cases of cybersecurity threats. 

  • As per Gartner, worldwide spending on cybersecurity is expected to reach $133.7 billion in 2022. 

  • Around 62% of businesses have experienced phishing attacks in 2018.

  • In the first half of 2019, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records.

  • As per Verizon, 71% of breaches are attacked on finances, while the rest 25% included phishing or espionage. 

As per Cybersecurity Media, it is expected tha by the end of 2020, the number of passwords used by humans and machines is going to grow up to 300 billion. 

These are whopping numbers indicates the growing number of cyber threats and at the same time, our ever-increasing dependence on digital platforms. When we talk about conventional data platforms, then they are highly vulnerable. This attracts a lot of hackers who can penetrate the system and snatch away all the information. It is a serious threat to our system and also for the people who are using it. So, what is the solution for this? Well, it is because of the system and network threat that we have seen a growing demand for white hat hacker training and certification programs that helps in creating a workforce who can expose the vulnerability of the system and work on it. 

Details on hacking-

Before going ahead, it becomes imperative to understand hacking and what are its different types.

Hacking in simple words means breaching into the system and taking away the important piece of information. Although hacking is considered to be a malicious activity, in recent times, white hacking techniques have surged that have become an integral part of the industry. You can get an ethical hacking certification training. After successful completion of this program, you can apply for the post of system analyst, white-hat hacking experts. These individuals are responsible for understanding the system and network, based on their assessment; they suggest the changes and transformation in the system. 

Types of hacking:

If you start exploring more on hacking, then you would get to know about different types of hacking, we have got a few options here:

White Hat Hacking- This comes under the category of ethical hacking wherein the hacker assesses the system and network for the vulnerabilities. They try to find the weakness of the system and based on its changes are recommended. Penetration testing is an integral part of white hat hacking training.  

This act is not considered illegal, rather, companies are hiring white hat hacking experts for the analysis of the system. You can find different white hat hacking training programs and white hat hacking training offered by institutes that helps you become an expert in this domain. 

Black Hat Hacking- Now this is a part of worry, and black hat hackers make most of the malicious cyber-attacks. These are also known as crackers. They get unauthorized access into the system and harm the operation of the business, thereby hacking the sensitive information. They are the biggest threat to the system, and so we need white hat hackers to combat black hat hackers and their malicious attack.  

Grey Hat Hacking – these are a blend of white hat and black hat hacker.  For them attacking the system and network is more of fun rather than ill-intent. They exploit the security breaches of the system without the permission of the owner. The intent of such hackers is to bring forth the weakness of the system. 

Well, these few of the prominent types that you would have heard about. But, delving a bit deeper reveals that there are other types of hackers like:

  • Red Hat Hackers

  • Blue Hat Hackers

  • Script Kiddie

  • Elite Hackers

Coming back to our focus on white hat hackers training, then many companies are hiring such professionals to take care of their system. These white hat hackers work in close association with the IT team and management team. They suggest the necessary changes in the system and based on its improvisation of security systems are done.

Concluding thoughts- White hat hacker training and ethical hacking certification have become the new skill in demand. Having expertise in this field will eventually help in improving the functioning of the system. If you too wish to become a part of this industry, then Global Tech Council is offering a certified ethical hacker course and white-hat hacker certification.


For more such certification programs, connect with the Global Tech Council today.

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