What Is the Meaning of Red String Bracelets?

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You may find wearing the bracelet is a new phenomenon. But actually, it is not a new fashion trend. For centuries both men and women are wearing beaded jewelry and bracelets. The archaeologists have gotten substantial proof of men and women are wearing jewelry thousands of years ago.


Few people believe that along with fashion statements, string bracelets also contain healing power. This type of jewelry can drastically improve life quality. Various religious scriptures have also mentioned them in historical texts. You can put your faith in this type of jewelry and try them for better luck.


Beaded jewelry in religious text

Most religions are thousands of years old. Hence, all the practices mentioned in the religious scriptures have given good results to the believers. Here are in few religions people used to wear beaded jewelry for a better life.


  • Judaism
  • Hindu tradition
  • Tibetan Buddhist tradition
  • Chinese Legend


  • Usage of beaded jewelry in Judaism


Judaism is a faith developed in the Middle East and it is one of the oldest religions of the world. In this religion beaded jewelry is known as Kabbalah. It means a source of positive energy. In ancient times, people used to believe that handmade beaded jewelry is a positive source of energy.


According to their belief, this type of jewelry gives people mental and physical strength. Even these days many Jewish celebrities in the Hollywood wear beaded jewelry. Most people think that they are wearing it as a fashion statement. But in reality, they wear it as a faith.


  • Usage of beaded jewelry in Hindu tradition


The religion of Hinduism has originated in South East Asia and it is nearly five thousand years old. From the earlier time to date, Hindu scholars recommend wearing pearl jewelry for peace of mind. They believe that pearl has purity and it can cool a person’s mind.


Wearing pearl jewelry is very common in Indian culture. Many men and women used to wear pearl necklaces and bracelets for fashion. However, these days most women wear pearl necklaces with gold jewelry. It is a big fashion trend currently popular in most countries.


  • Usage of beaded jewelry in Tibetan Buddhist tradition


Buddhism was born in the footstep of the Himalayas, later it spread all over Asia. This religion is associated with peace and prosperity. Although this religion is against materialistic values, it never prohibited beaded jewelry for menEven these days many Buddhist monks wear the beaded bracelet in their hands.


According to the Buddhist tradition, the beads of the jewelry are the cherished moments of life and the string is the act that holds these cherished moments together. It is a beautiful metaphor for life. This type of beaded jewelry keeps the person’s life intact.


  • Usage of beaded jewelry in Chinese Legend


Chinese Legend is full of fascinating tells. They say that red beads symbolize the droplet of the Dragon. It is a mythical creature that is full of power. Hence, wearing red beaded jewelry gives the user extra power and determination.


For this reason, many Chinese Hollywood legends like Jet Lee wear a red beaded bracelet. This type of jewelry is the source of their power and it keeps them away from physical danger. The Chinese legend praises red beaded jewelry than anything else.


Just a couple of decades ago, beaded jewelry for men went out of fashion. Now it is making a strong comeback for both men and women. Now, most females love to wear a Yellow gold beaded bracelet. This type of jewelry goes with all kinds of dresses and suits you well at every social event.


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