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We had grown listening to this old but relevant proverb; this is what separates gold from other metals and things. Its amazing qualities and features still make it wearable and in demand.

Besides being used for making gold beaded jewelry, it is used in the field of electronics, space exploration, medicine and dentistry and lot more!

These are the following reasons why Gold is considered the best friend of a woman:


·        Scientific Nomenclature: Gold’s scientific name is ‘Au’ which is derived from the Latin word ‘Aurum’ means shining dawn due it to its resemblance to the bright yellowish sun of early morning.

While its common name is believed to be derived from old English or german world ‘ghel’ or ‘ghyldan’ that means yellow/green in color.

·        Atomic number: its atomic number is 79  and it falls in the 6th period with group number 11.

·        Atomic weight: its atomic weight is 196.93

·        Atomic isotope: it has only one natural isotope known as AU-197



Gold is one of the best metal when comes in usage due to its following properties:

·        Gold is a transitional metal that can give rise to cation in its partially filled subshell.

·        Gold is a very Lustrous metal therefore it is used in making jewelry due to its shining property

·        Gold is a nonreactive metal, it is inert which’s why it has anti-corrosive property making it ideal for jewelry.

·        Gold has a high melting point, that’s why it is long-lasting.

·        Gold is malleable, that is, it can be drawn into thin sheets

·        Gold is ductile that’s why it is used in electrical wires as it can be drawn into thin wires.

·        Gold is the best conductor of thermal and electrical discharge.

·        Gold is non-toxic and that’s why in older times it was used in utensils and gold plates were highly preferred by the ancient people to eat, as it contains nutritional values for our bodies, many food brands use gold flakes in their dishes and food items.

·        Gold has amazing healing properties, it can be useful to get relief from arthritis and joint pain.

·        Gold in its pure form weighs 24 carats and is odorless and tasteless.



Gold is considered the most valuable jewelry, many women prefer gold beaded jewelry these days, because it can be molded easily into various unique designs and jewelry designs that are always trending in fashionable ornaments.

Here are some of the best online Gold beaded accessories:

·        Gold beaded bracelet

·        Beaded gold hoop earrings

·        Rose gold beaded ring

·        Yellow gold beaded bracelet and lots more.


Gold is a perennial form of jewelry which is suitable for every types of occasion. Its pure form gives your ornamental accessories a divine look.

22 Jewelry makes unique gold made items which are completely pure and hand made, for more dazzling jewelry details visit their website now!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. For better information about interesting facts about gold, or to clear the doubts regarding gold, consult a certified professional.

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