What is the main difference between a travel charger and an adapter?

There are a lot of people who do not know the difference between a normal charger and a travel charger. Both of the devices have their own usages. When we are en route abroad, we always tend to carry a charger but somehow that is not always enough. We also require an adapter, in order to convert the power, which is in a certain range, so that it can charge the smart phone with zero short circuit problems or overheating. Since you will be traveling, the AC power range in some places will be different where the regular charger will not work effectively. It is for this reason that you will need a quality travel charger or adapter so that you can charge your device without any issues.

So let us look at the differences between a normal every day charger and a travel charger.

Normal every day charger

When it comes to the normal charger, it is connected to the wall plug which further charges your device. In this charger, the sockets, voltage, and frequency differ with different places in the world. For example, the UK frequency and voltage of 50Hz, 230Volt is different from USA frequency and voltage of 60Hz, 110 Volt. It is because of this reason that problems of overcharging and overheating occur where your phone or other devices might get damaged. There are a lot of normal chargers which are created to work between 100 V to 240 V, which is at the frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.

Travel Charger

The travel charger is known to be a small one which is used to convert the power and then set at a range so that your mobile phone or other devices can power up conveniently. The output of this can be further divided into two parts, i.e. AC and DC. These travel chargers are known to be designed to work at a lower voltage i.e. of 110 volts and 240 volts. The advantage of using this charger is that it offers vehement triple protection against not only over charging but also short circuits and the bugging problem of overheating.

There is also a travel adapter where you might need one for your apple products like iPads and iPhones or new laptops since these devices are dual in voltage. With the travel adapter, you will not need a travel converter or any other charger to charge and use them in foreign countries. While travelling, you might only need adapter plugs while in some cases, you might also need a travel charger where you should buy a travel charger before travelling internationally.

Now that you know the difference between travel charger and normal charger Szsunda offers the best travel charger so that you can charge your devices without any hassle and stay connected with anyone wherever you go. We also offer an in-car charger and USB charger so that you can efficiency charge all of your devices.

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