How to choose the best USB car charger? Some tips to follow

Do you know what USB car charger is? It is that small gadget which easily plugs into the cigarette lighter or an accessory port when you are on the road. Yes! A car charger offers multiple or single powered USB outlets. You may use it in the car to charge your tablets, Smartphones, digital camera or any device you would like to use in the car. Use it to charge any of the USB powered items. There are various tips you need to follow when choosing the best car charger for your gadgets. Each charger is different from another and carries different sets of functions. As we use Smartphones and electronic gadgets on the go, you need something to juice them up. Your family members may want to charge their devices on the road and so you need powered USB outlets to ensure that the gadgets never move out of power.

What device you want to charge?
This is the first and foremost consideration. As there are several kinds of chargers, you need to first figure out the types of devices you wish to charge. USB powered devices are many and they are tablet computers, Smartphones, GSP, PSP and MP3. Find out the number of devices you want to charge and what they are.  Your device should be compatible with the features and functions like power delivery, Qualcomm Quick charge and many such.
What is the Amp output?

You should look for a USB charger that offers at least 2100 mA or 2.1 Amps per USB port. A dual USB charger must offer 4.8Amps if you are looking for a high performing one. So, in this way, the USB port offers 2.4Amps that is quite sufficient to charge at least two iPads. But, if the output is less than 2.1 Amps, then it can charge two Smartphones and not the iPads.

How many ports are there?

If you need to charge multiple devices, you must look for a charger with multiple ports rather than a single one. When the device has 2-3 ports, it can save time and effort. So, there is no need to switch again and again between the devices to power them up. As there are multiple ports, everyone can charge their devices on the wheels.

Look for safety features

Safety feature is again an important consideration. There are many chargers available that are of bad quality or of dubious kind. It should be able to handle power fluctuation or any fluctuation in voltage. Most models in the market don’t carry this safety feature and so there is always the issue of overheating. Make sure the charger is made from fire-proof materials and carries multiple protections like overheat and overcharge protections.

Car charger of different kinds can charge several electronic equipments. Never look for a charger with a single port or a single USB connection. More or less the charger with multiple ports is large in size and may charge multiple devices at a time. So, consider all the above tips before making a purchase of the device.

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