What is the Distribution Management System in FMCG

by Aanshika Singh Marketing & Bussiness Services

For a product to complete its journey from manufacturing to its final destination it needs to undergo certain stages. The needs of the market are increasing every day and consumer wants are more complex. 

Any FMCG company would need help in the supervision of their product in different aspects of the market. This is where a distribution management system steps in. DMCs help with the distribution and organization of your product through different channels and networks. FMCG distributors are companies who specialize in the distribution of the finished product.

FMCG distributors allow your product to be optimized for the market and its needs. They ensure various processes such as inventory, logistics, supply, and management. 

In order to perform distribution operations successfully in an FMCG company, many processes with loads of data need to be processed. Hiring the services of a distribution management system can help alleviate most of your problems.

Role of a Distribution Management System: 

The primary function of a distribution management system is to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. This is done by smooth and efficient management of the sales and distribution process. 

All sales processes are digitized to ensure there is no chance of human error. Processes such as inventory and return management are digitized to ensure there is no scope of error.

All such processes which are included from the manufacturing of the product to the distribution of it are managed by distribution management systems. 

FMCG distribution company can help your business to operate smoothly. We have seen a shift in market trends as more people look into entering the FMCG industry. Sales training programs for FMCG are highly sought after in these modern times. 

Reasons why a Distribution Management System is Important for an FMCG:

Fast Claim Statements: as hiring the services of a distribution management system would allow for the digitalization of the whole distribution process there would be great clarity between your vendors and distributors. 

    Distributors would be able to apply for claims for damages or missing shipments through the internet which further saves a lot of precious time for you and the distributors both. Quicker claim statements encourage distributors to continue business with your company and both parties remain happy. 


 Real-Time Visibility: data that is provided offline through various channels is not the most appropriate at times. There is always a chance of big human error and most importantly this data is not real-time. 

  •     On the other hand, if you were to hire the services of an FMCG Distribution Company you would receive all such data in real-time. This allows you to be updated about the whereabouts of your shipments and you could track them being successfully registered through the right nodes. 


Stock Replenishments: as FMCG products don’t have a long shelf life it's vital to stay updated about factors such as expiry lest all your products go to waste. Furthermore, often mismanagement of inventories could lead to the missing of important shipments to vendors.

    A distribution management service ensures that you are well updated with all such information related to the availability of your product in factories or other storing places. Companies with an FMCG certification can hire the services of a distribution management service company. 


Production Planning: it's important to track the performance of your product in the market. Often mistakes in production can happen if you don’t track the progress of your product. Shipments could be missed due to the unavailability of new products and on the other hand, you could have excessive spare product left. 

  Real-time stock availability is offered by distribution management services. This allows you to rest assured that none of your shipments is being used and no extra product is being produced and going to waste. 


Time Management: in a smooth business where each aspect is performing its respective duty there would be minimal problems. Through the help of distribution management services, you can save time and money both for your company.

    Companies with FMCG certification often need spare time to come up with new business plans and marketing strategies. The time that you save by working with a distribution management service can help you come up with new product ideas and raise your company to the next level. 

FMCG companies are often overloaded with tasks and responsibilities. As the FMCG industry is looked at as a very safe and stable sector to work in, more people these days are looking into the sales training program for FMCG. The industry has firmly established its footing in the modern market.

With the help of Skilltowill, an FMCG distribution company can achieve new heights. SkillToWill have extensive experience in leading and working with FMCG companies, they also provide consultancy service for newly established FMCG companies. 

DMS saves you time and money in the longer run. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your company is functioning effectively and responsibly. A good company is just like a well-oiled machine and distribution management service is the oil your company needs.

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