How To Register A Private Limited Company In India

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Whenever you decide to set up a new firm, you must register your company under the government act for the registration of new companies. New company registration is made by following particular norms and submitting proper and legal papers before the court. You have to make sure that the agencies are authentically registered before starting transactions and business dealings. 

The Period of registration

The new set-up has to be registered and recorded under the government rules as soon as possible. Your transaction will stand a chance of being deemed invalid and illegal if you do not get the registration done in time. register a company may take some time because of the processing of legal procedures. 

Firm registration can be initiated by various other law agencies who can help you to get the work done on time. The agencies guarantee the fastest registration process which is completed within seven days. Firm registration is an authentic process and hence it may take some time to get things done in the right manner. 

However, till then you are expected to halt and not involve in any overseas transaction or hire employees for that matter. The country has no provision for business firms to run without a legal document. In case if you are subjected to interrogation, charges will be pressed against you for not registering your company under the laws of the Constitution.

Easy steps and cost of registration

Various agencies allow you to easily register your firm without much hassle. The process is completed through online platforms and does not require you to be physically present for the completion of the job.

The payment options are also conveniently performed so that the charges are affordable and the fees are extracted through the EMI system if the client is unable to pay the whole sum in one go. You can effortlessly sit back at home and allow the agencies to follow up with the procedure and regulations of getting a company name registration.

Production of legal documentation

Company name Registration involves producing documents to prove your identity. Hence it is very important to get an authentic license before initiating business transactions. Trademarks are very important for any kind of business. It is the unique identity of a particular firm with a legal patent. No one can claim your copyrights if you have legally incorporated the company under the laws of the government. 

The trademarks ensure that no other fraud firms can copy your logo and use your company's name for the production of false items. If they do so you can lodge and complain and report them to the court. The consequences of committing fraud are dire and require them to pay a heavy fine. 

However, if you fail to register your product or company name, any other spam agencies will use your name for producing low-grade substances and sell them in the market. This will consequently bring down the sales of your organization and corrupt your reputation in the market. In absence of any legal documents, you won't be able to press charges against the criminals or hold them accountable in court. 

Registration of the new company will ensure that you can produce authentic products in the factory or carry out business without having to worry about fraud or fabrication. 

Registration papers are the most valuable asset of your company

Trademark protection laws will enable you to conduct business without worry. Registering your company and the subsequent files and copyright is the most precious asset of your company. Since you are newly establishing the firm, the trademark will enable you to create a reputation for yourself. The chances of global marketing and overseas business transactions can also be enhanced through registering your agency on time. 
Increased credibility in the market

When you register your new firm, the laws will ensure that you are freely able to manufacture the best material for the market and adequate sales. Hence you will be able to increase your credibility in the market and build a good impression on the consumers. Customers always prefer to buy products from companies that are legally registered. Branded items are always in more demand in the global market among potential customers. 

Help in the expansion of the business

register a company needs to gain a reputation in the business and acquire more clients. Registering your company is the first step in ensuring that you will be able to deal with customers legally without having to go through an inauthentic means. The registration will also make sure that you can advertise your company freely over the internet and online platforms. 

You will be able to promote your firm in the International market and prove the authenticity of your product and how genuine they are. The legal documents will make sure that your customers can trust your products and have faith in the service provided by your firm. Licensing agreements allow you to rent trademarks and buy royalty so that you can promote your business worldwide. You can take up a franchise that depends on trademark licensing and transfer of patent legally.
Things to make sure to get a legal registration

If you wish to acquire a proper registration certificate, you need to produce identity proofs and id cards that will deem you as a responsible citizen of the state without any criminal history. An authorization letter must be produced requesting the State to grant you the opportunity to conduct business affairs under the country's policies. 

The government will conduct surveys and check whether you are suitable for conducting business. The surveys and searches will be performed as a part of the legal policies of the government to check the kind of product you wish to produce or whether you have the amenities to conduct the business or not. 

Legal soft reports will be produced in case you have appointed a law firm to validate your registration procedure. The process would be completed online through various means which will reduce the hassles of physical presence and spare you the time of technicalities. 

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