What Is Salesforce Wave Analytics And How Is It Useful?

by Ajay Goyal Endive Software

All businesses strive to become successful in this cut-throat competition. The only way they can come out as a leader is through customer satisfaction.

If the consumer is satisfied, it will certainly prosper. And for the best user experience, you need a powerful customer support service.

A successful client is crucial, no matter the industry and Salesforce is the best CRM platform. It helps you to build a long-term relationship with your consumers. Now, dealing with huge clients means storing huge amount of data and data storing is the specialty of this cloud-based tool.

Salesforce Company has come with a new tool Salesforce Wave or Salesforce Einstein Analytics. The tools let the user store huge and access bulk data from anywhere while making sure that human error is less.

In this blog, we will learn more about this business intelligence platform and the benefits it has.

Salesforce Wave Analytics- What is it?

The new platform of Salesforce Wave Analytics is a business intelligence platform. The main job of this platform is to optimize data visualization and mobile access. It lets the user examine any data set and come to a conclusion about the same.

The analytic tool (another name for Wave Analytics) lets the user sort out the main part of the data without much effort. Companies can use this either as standalone or by adding it to their Salesforce productivity kit.

The tool aids all types of organization in customer support by presenting data in a systemic manner.  The wave platform shows data which is optimized for mobile and difference screens.

Qualities included in Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform:

  • The Analytics tool uses mobile-first strategy and thus it creates a mobile optimized platform. The platform makes mobile collaboration easy.
  • The tool makes it easy to gather data from all other sources of an enterprise like sales cloud, marketing cloud and so on.
  • The tool provides all crucial data about the consumer to the sales representative. It makes communicating with them easy, insightful and productive.

Benefits of Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

1. Information is organized and complete

The tool gathers information about the latest tool in a systematic manner. The organized data helps to improve the productivity of the work in great lengths.

2. Processing data is easy

It integrates all the components of Salesforce like sales cloud, marketing cloud and so on. That is why; data processing is easy and takes little time. Also, you don’t need any training to use the tool.

3. Data is stored in a single place

The major advantage of the Analytics tool is that it stores data from various sources in a single place. It makes accessing and updating information easy. The source of the data can be anything from organization to mobile data and many more.

4. It is highly secured

Security of the data stored in the company is of the utmost importance as data is the key to their success. With Salesforce Wave Analytics, security is not an issue as it’s the 6th cloud-based service of the CRM platform. Thus all the measures are taken and data is encrypted to keep it safe from hackers and viruses.

5. Numerical data Processing is done quickly

For big and complex enterprises, processing huge numerical data is a big task. With the Wave tool, this task is done in minutes and the process becomes simple.

6. It stores current or right data

Right data or current data is the correct information about the consumer that the company should have. Salesforce Wave Analytics aids the companies in finding Right Data related to all their consumers.

The system helps the sales representative get client data like their desires, taste, and preferences, and so on.

The tool aids the user to quickly upload the data and access it from anywhere saving time and money. Moreover, you can explore or update the same with any device from anywhere.

7. It is optimized for mobile

The biggest advantage of Salesforce Wave Analytics is that, it is mobile optimized. It uses a mobile-first strategy that means that it can store bulk data with ease. It integrates the needs of the customer, sales, and marketing and so on through the mobile devices.

8. Salesforce Wave has built-in support

Salesforce Einstein Analytics offers built-in support in form of guides, tutorials, and documents and so on. All this helps a user make the most of this platform and never be confused about any feature.

9. It Integrates well with all the players of Salesforce ecosystem

Salesforce Wave Analytics is crucial to the success of Salesforce. It integrates the whole ecosystem which includes sales cloud, marketing cloud, and other services together. The integration helps to provide consumers with the best and smooth user experience.

10. Global access

Salesforce Wave is a cloud-based tool which means that your team and access, use and store data globally. Also, you can access the information on any device as mobile-first design works well with any device.

11. It helps you monitor customer support

It keeps a tab on the latest customer support trends. And also monitors the support offered by your team to the client on their dashboard to make a better decision.

12. It guides you to train employees better

Salesforce stores data related to employees too. You can use this information to offer better advice and training to employees that are lagging behind.

13. Monitor the campaign for any casualties

With Salesforce Einstein Analytics, you can monitor your business closely. It lets you track the success rate through chart progress, rate performance, and so on.

It presents the flaws in strategies used by you in real time using reports and dashboards that are rich in visuals. With Wave, you can monitor everything from close or take only a glance. But all the data related to the business is easily accessible whenever you want.

14. Check for errors in sales and forecast the future

It lets you monitor sales closely and find out the errors in the process. It helps to increase the sales rate. Also, you can use the tool to make a chart of historical trends which helps to make strategies for future projects and its success.

15. Customer experience

The tool solves any issue with client satisfaction by tracking its number using the main source. It makes it easy for the company to provide optimum satisfaction to users and get good returns for themselves.

16. Pass on the right message

It lets you make and deliver a message to your consumers and other individuals. It helps in better communication and strengthens the bond.

17. Analyze the entire data stored in the system

If you want to analyze the marketing data, you can use a feature of the Wave tools like reports and dashboards. They are visually rich and explain everything in details and simple terms.

18. Use Consumer data for brand building

It lets you see reliable data about the preferences of the consumer and the issues they face. This data is crucial to improve the customer support experience of the consumers.

19. Connect with the support team

The Wave platform permits you to witness the agents on the dashboard. You can see which tasks have been assigned to which agents and what they are doing.  The connection with the team is made easy through this.

20. The newest feature of novelty

The newest feature of Salesforce wave lets the user multi-task. They can perform multiple functions like updating accounts and so on with this. Also, the analytics tool brings out the best solution to any issue faced by all the components of Salesforce.

With Wave, the chance of improving the performance of companies has increased with providing the best customer support.

The Final Verdict:

Salesforce Wave Analytics is a part of Cloud-based analytic tools. It is a powerful tool which uses the bulk company data to create reports and dashboards.

Moreover, it has simplified the process of Salesforce app development. Through this business intelligence tool, you offer unique and customized products to your clients. And at the end, user-satisfaction and engagement is the aim for any company whose goal is a success.

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