What is Difference Between Private Jobs and Government Jobs?

by Gray Clues Writer

There is a vast difference between government and private jobs. On the one hand, government jobs are controlled by the government. In the same private jobs, the company's founder has control. There are many differences between these two types of jobs. Knowing about these differences can help you decide which job is a good fit for you.

1. Job Security-: Government jobs are secure because no one can fire you before the stipulated time limit. Such jobs are permanent whereas private jobs are not secure. In this, the founder of the company can remove you at any time without any prior notice.

2. Holidays-: In India any important festival and day government jobs get holidays according to the calendar. But this provision is not there in private jobs, many private jobs get employees to work even on holidays. However, there are some companies that offer holidays.

3. Jobs Vacancy-: As you know there are lots of jobs in private sector. Many times private companies have to face the problem that they do not get employees for their work. But on the other hand, there are definite vacancies in the government sector and there are a lot of people seeking government jobs. This is the reason why there is cut throat competition for government jobs.

4. Difference in working hours-: Government jobs and private jobs see a lot of variation on the basis of working hours. Government jobs are tied in a fixed time frame and working hours are less in government jobs as compared to private jobs. On the other hand, if we talk about private jobs, then in the private sector the founder takes as much work from you as he wants. There are no fixed working hours.

5. Work pressure-: In private jobs, work pressure is also high due to longer working hours. Because the success and failure of private jobs is all due to doing more and more work. That is why employees working in higher positions get more work than the employees in private jobs, while on the other hand government jobs do not have much work pressure.

6. Salary/Salary-: People have the most doubts about the salary in government and private jobs. Let us tell you, you get a high salary in a government job. Even if you are working in a small position, this salary is fixed and with the passage of time as your tenure increases, so does your salary. But this is not the case in the private sector. The salary fixed in the private sector is the same. It has always been seen that employees are employed in the private sector with very low salaries. But over time it also increases a bit.

7. Reputation-: Be it government job or private job. People always look at the person doing the job with respect and such a person has a prestige in the society. But if we talk about prestige in government and private jobs, then government jobs get more prestige than private jobs. Many times you must have heard people proudly saying, 'I am doing a government job at such a place.' Even if the person doing government job is working on less salary than the person doing private job. But in spite of this people look at him with respect.

8. Holiday-: Most of the government servants get the benefit of leave, those who do government jobs are given a 'Monthly Leave'. On the other hand, there is no such system in private jobs. But nowadays there are many such companies which are also providing monthly leave.

9. Facilities- : Talking about office facilities between government jobs and private jobs, it has always been seen that the condition of government offices is poor, while in private offices, many facilities including AC, food, living are provided. Is. That is, in terms of facilities, private jobs beat government jobs.

10. Promotion-: Promotion in government jobs is fixed, whereas promotion in private jobs is done on the basis of your knowledge and work skills. If you are interested in government sector, so you can visit government jobs website.

About the Author: This article is written by Gray Clues. She is a career adviser and professional writer by profession and has expert knowledge in the field of career and all other private and government sector. She has given valuable tips on employment news this week. If you want get update about employment news of this week, so visit Employment Newser website.

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