What is difference between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi?

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Difference between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

Modiji Worked very hard as a PM and rise through dedication and capabilities.
Never seen him taking break from work and going on holidays.
Modi Ji is surrounded by friends, be it Shah or Parrikar or Swaraj, all RSS, whereas Rahulji surrounded by craps like you know who. Many think Rahulji is crap too, I would agree to it.
Narendra modi reached worked his way up and became the prime minister of world's largest democracy. His ability as a leader is unquestionable.

Rahul Gandhiji was born with golden spoon. He can be a better comedian. His comic timing is amazing.

Rahul gandhi as you all know he does not know anything about http://leadership.It’s just that he has the power and backing of him mother and family . Modiji as i said is not from a political background.He used to sell tea with his father in Gujrat.But his willingness to change the dynamics of country and to help common people to help achieve their needs is what makes him the best P.M till date.

Modiji is trying to make India a economical and politics free country.His gamble of Demonetization was just to bring the black money out.He is trying or making things better which Congress made a mess of them during their ruling over India.

Nickname given by people NaMo.
Nickname given by people PAPPU.

Rahulji Never worked on ground level in politics and position is served with silver spoon.
On a Sankalp Samavesh held for his father’s 70th birthday anniversary, Rahul Gandhiji said- “Those who go to the temples, worship the goddess, refer to women as daughters and mothers, molest women in the bus”.
As per the whistleblower website Wikileaks, Rahul Gandhiji once told US ambassador Timothy Roemer that Hindu groups are bigger threat than Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.
Modi ji always give respect to older people and work of women empowerment and poor and underprivileged man.
Almost India you can found in village so modiji more focused on rural development and also on youth needs like better education and skilled jobs through skill India initiative.

Whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi is today, it is due to his own hard work, efficient efforts, smart moves, decision-making capacity, simple lifestyle, effective speaker & determination and much more leadership qualities.

  • Narendra Modi joined politics because he wanted to serve his nation.
  • Narendra Modi has wisdom and political sense.
  • Narendra Modi is a typical native Indian common man.
  • Narendra Modi has good sense of humor,
  • Narendra Modi has only Indian citizenship.
  • Narendra Modi has no money except the salary he gets as the Prime Minister.
  • Narendra Modi hosts “Mann Ki Bat
  • Narendra Modi is 66 and behaves as 46.
  • Nickname is NaMo

Whatever Rahul Gandhi is today, it is because he is the grandson of Indira Gandhi & Son of Rajeev & Sonia Gandhi. Nothing else.

  • Rahul Gandhi joined politics because his mother asked him to look after their family profession.
  • Rahul Gandhi has a huge property, land assets, stakes in business farms, shops in malls, etc.
  • Rahul Gandhi is talented in making political nonsense.
  • Rahul Gandhi has foreign blood in his veins.
  • Rahul Gandhi has been alleged of having multiple citizenships from different countries.
  • Rahul Gandhi acts like a comedian.
  • Rahul Gandhi watches Chota Beema
  • Rahul Gandhi is 47 years old and behaves like 6 years old boy.
  • Nickname is Pappu

I don't know why every time people try to compare NAMO with Pappu. RaGa is not even qualified to be compared with Lalu. At least Lalu knows what he speaks.

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The Hero and the Prince:

It is easy enough to mark out the differences between a self-made man and a dynast, a demagogue and a fumbling public speaker, a man who leads from the front and one who is not willing to assume any direct responsibility, but the similarities go even deeper. Both Modi and Gandhi seek to be above and beyond their political parties. For both, the dynamics of power flows only one way, neither of them is answerable to anyone, open to criticism from anyone. Which is why neither is willing to admit a mistake, major or minor, nor willing to submit to questioning from any observer who is not a participant in their personality cults. Both are men so enamoured of their own image that this is the sole reality that constitutes them. It is impossible to discern any conviction or principle that lies at their core beyond their image of themselves.
Nov 4th 2017 00:02   
Bitplus Marketing Advanced  Marketing , digital marketimg
We can see again live result after Gujarat election. Who is the better?
Nov 4th 2017 00:16   
Preeti Morya Advanced  Content writer
There no comparison between NAMO and PAPPU :)
Nov 4th 2017 00:22   
Preeti Morya Advanced  Content writer
There no comparison between NAMO and PAPPU :)
By the way Nice Article.
Nov 4th 2017 00:22   
Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
@Preeti Yes We know there no comparison between Modi and Gandi. But still Congress will presenting Rahul As a young youth leader and PM material.(19 June 1970 (age 47)
New Delhi, India)). He is young till he will not get married.
Nov 4th 2017 00:33   
Dev SEO Freshman  seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
The Hero and the Prince::)))
Nov 4th 2017 00:43   
praj v. Senior  SEO Executive
There is no comparison between but good way to explain and it's funny:)
Nov 4th 2017 02:40   
Anna Mac Junior  Owner
SO Funny... :D Great Article
Nov 6th 2017 05:39   
3S Studio In Advanced  Digital Marketing Expert
how can you tell papu?
Nov 6th 2017 05:58   
Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
Who is Pappu in India? Google Search answers ‘Rahul Gandhi’ & explains why!
@3s Studio In
Nov 6th 2017 06:04   
Devesh Chauhan Professional   seo expert, digital marketing, wordpress developer
This is Rahul Gandhi
He is 47 and single and young youth leader.
Still he is so happy and makes other's happy(laugh)
Don't be frustrated
Be like Rahul
Nov 6th 2017 06:54   
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