What is bensedin medicine used for?

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Bensedin is also known as Diazepam which is used as a medicine and is from the group of benzodiazepines. It is used to relieve any form of fear and anxiety. It is also said to relax the muscle and can act as an anticonvulsant which prevents seizures. It is because of these effects that it is used to treat anxiety and also muscle cramps, i.e. spasms. It is also used for the epileptic seizures treatment which is especially to treat conditions which are known as ‘status epileptucus’. It is also used for delirium tremens treatment and is also used for preparing surgery. This medicine can also be used to treat insomnia. 

What are the precautions to be taken while using Bensedin 10mg?

This medicine should not be used for more than 3 months because the prolonged use of the medicine can cause addiction. If you are using this medicine, you should not suddenly stop taking the drug because it can worsen symptoms like:

a.    Agitation
b.    Severe headache
c.    Irritability
d.    Confusion

You should make sure that you should gradually reduce the dose of Bensedin. For instance, if you are taking Bensedin 10mg, for the next 5 to 7 days, you should take 5 mg per day and then after 5 to 7 days, you should take 2.5 mg per day and after that, you can completely stop taking Bensedin.

This cannot be used in patients who are allergic to Bensedin and also other similar medicines like:

a.    Nitrazepam
b.    Bromazepam
c.    Alprazolam
d.    Lorazepam and others

It also should not be used in patients who are suffering from myasthenia gravis which is severe muscle disorder, because Bensedin can worsen the myasthenia gravis. It can also not be used on patients who have liver disorders, which is of patients who have trouble breathing. One should not take alcohol with this medicine because alcohol can increase the effect and can cause major side effects. You should also make sure that you should not drive an automobile or operate any machinery because the medicine can cause drowsiness and can also highly affect your ability to drive any vehicle.

Can it be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The FDA implies that Bensedin belongs to the D group which means that Bensedin is harmful to the fetus, therefore, it should not be used during the pregnancy. Bensedin can pass into breast milk and it can cause harm to your baby. Therefore, it should also not be used during breast feeding.

This medicine can cause side effects like:

a.    Insomnia
b.    Headache
c.    Anger
d.    Agitation
e.    Vomiting
f.    Speech disorder
g.    Nightmares
h.    Blurred vision
i.    Low blood pressure
j.    Allergy
k.    Anterograde Amnesia
l.    Aggression
m.    Impotence
n.    drowsiness

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