What is, and how to cure constipation!

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If you have been suffering from constipation, then homeopathy can help you with an effective treatment that is safe and non-habit-forming. Just look online for “homeopathy doctors near me” to book an appointment with a professional doctor to try natural remedies for constipation.

What is constipation in the medical sense?

Many people believe themselves to be incorrectly suffering from constipation if they don’t get a bowel movement every day. However, the medical understanding of the disorder is a little different from this. Having fewer than three bowel movements within a week is known as constipation. Moreover, requiring straining at stools for a long time or having hard stools also constitutes constipation. 

Reasons that may trigger constipation

Even though it is unusual for a particular food type to cause constipation, it has been noticed that non-veg foods that are hard to digest can cause infrequent bowel movements if you eat them regularly and in large proportions. You need to have a fiber-rich diet. 

In most cases, constipation results from bad eating habits and a lack of physical activity and exercise. A few common triggers include:

  • Less fiber in the diet
  • Not much of activity – sedentary lifestyle
  • Childbirth and pregnancy
  • Ignoring the urge for stools
  • Poor intake of fluids
  • Change in routine, traveling
  • Medicines like certain iron supplements, painkillers, antidepressants, and diuretics
  • Pain in the anal region as a result of piles (hemorrhoids) or fissure may lead to suppression of the urge for stools which may lead to constipation
  • After an abdominal surgery
  • Hypothyroidism and other hormonal issues.

In case of constipation in kids, you may even consider the following:

  • Switching from breast milk to bottled milk or solid food
  • Ignoring an urge for bowel movement
  • Toilet training anxiety
  • A rare condition called Hirschsprung’s disease, where a child has a nerve cell defect from birth, affects the communication between the bowels and the brain.

A few rare causes of constipation include:

  • Lactose intolerance.
  • Tumor of the bowels.
  • Poisoning
  • A spinal cord injury that damages the nerves that reach the intestines

When should you contact a doctor?

Some critical symptoms that you need to watch out for and report to a doctor at the earliest are:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Loss of weight
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Vomiting and nausea

Homeopathic remedies for constipation

The reason why most people prefer homeopathic treatments is the fact that these medicines are non-habit-forming and safe, unlike laxatives.

Homeopathy can help you gently bring the functionality of your bowel movements back to normal. This will help in the formation of stools of normal consistency and regularization of bowel movements. After taking homeopathic treatment, most patients reduce their dependency on purgatives, laxatives, and cathartics successfully.

Many people are suffering from chronic constipation have been treated successfully using only homeopathic medicines. Not only are these medicines one hundred percent natural, but they will also give you longer-lasting results. If you feel like you have constipation, you need to see a doctor of homeopathy as soon as possible before the situation gets out of hand.

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