What Everyone Must Know About Five Common Misconceptions of Kid's Teeth

by saphal shetty Confident Dental Care | Dental Clinic | Root Canal

Everyone wants their children to have healthy teeth regardless of their age. However, when it comes to your kid’s oral health, you get hold of some ideas that aren’t helpful at all. Many of them may be myths that might mislead you from the right track. Here are some misconceptions about children oral care. Remember, the more aware and informed you are regarding this, the healthier would be your child’s teeth.

1)Kids should brush their own teeth starting from a young age.

This is a popular misconception that most of the parents follow and force their kids to do so. As per science, as kids grow older, they develop a better eye and hand coordination. That is why you shouldn’t force a 3-year-old to brush on their own and expect the results that a 10-year-old achieves. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do it for your kid till they reach age 10 or 11. You can start teaching your kids how to brush on their own and monitor while they begin doing it.

2)Will fruit juice not harm Children's Teeth?

It is true that fruit juice is a healthy choice for kids over aerated soft drinks. While juices may seem to be healthy, it is still high in sugar content and can contribute to tooth decay in children. Even if it’s watered down, the sugar content can still have the same effect. If your child wants to have juice or milk, try to give it along with snack with a time gap. It is because the more often you eat, the more vulnerable is your teeth as it takes some time for it to adjust the pH levels after eating. It is always good to give drinks and snacks with less sugar content to your kids and develop a habit of cleaning their teeth after eating anything at night.

3)Cleaning baby teeth is not important as they fall out eventually.

As long as the teeth stay in place, the chances for cavity formation and getting infections from it exist. So, though the teeth may fall out eventually, it is important to keep it clean as long as it stays there. The infection that develops can also affect the adult teeth forming underneath and causes pain and swelling. Until age 7 or 10, they are required to hold the space and hence is highly important to clean those baby teeth.

4)It is important to brush kid’s teeth once they wake up.

When it comes to kids, brushing the teeth right before going to bed is more important than brushing it when they wake up. Once they brush their teeth, do not allow them to eat or anything other than water. Food particles sitting on teeth all night can be more harmful as they cause cavities. While brushing twice a day is recommended, brushing at night is more important.

5)Kids shouldn’t chew gum.

It’s okay for your kids to chew gums. As long as the chewing gum is sugar-free, it is safe for kids, Sugarless gums are particularly helpful after eating as it stimulates saliva flow and washes away food particle and helps to maintain a balanced pH as well. But, make you that your kid doesn’t swallow the gum.

Confident Dental Care is a popular multi-specialty dental clinic in Bangalore offering a wide range of services for infants, children, and adults. Our constant endeavor is to be in sync with the latest technology in the field of pediatric dentistry. We believe that each child deserves the best oral care possible.

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