What Causes Roughness of Teeth and How Can You Prevent It?

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We all have to face our fair share of roughness in life across myriad aspects. Sometimes our work hassles disrupt our life and many a times we have to counter roughness in relationships. These situations alleviate with time and have no influence on your oral health. But when your teeth get rough, it sure is an alarming situation and one that demands swift remedial response.   

Roughness of teeth indicates an erosion of enamel and if ignored can severely affect your overall oral health. Enamel health deteriorates due a lack of proper oral hygiene and also from physical damage. Here we will try to help serve the causes as well as ideal remedies to ensure you can easily manage and cure the roughness of your teeth.  

Let us understand what Enamel is 

The hardest part of the teeth, enamel is an outer coating that acts as a shield for the teeth and protects against germs, cavities and damage. Even though it is exceptionally strong, enamel remains vulnerable to erosion that can be cased by acidic reactions or even physical abrasion during damage.  

What leads to Enamel erosion?   

There a few contributing factors that are responsible for causing erosion of the enamel layer and thus lead to roughness of teeth. Some of the most common causes which lead to enamel layer erosion are -    

  • Reaction of chlorinated water with enamel can cause teeth roughness by enamel erosion.   
  • Excess intake of citrus foods that are quite acidic risks enamel damage and thus erode the outer layer of the teeth. This causes roughness.   
  • Women face a risk of enamel erosion during pregnancy as it is linked to increased acidity.    
  • Soft drinks and soda beverages contain a blend of sugars and acids. This can prove harmful for the enamel and result in its erosion.  
  • For people with a history of high acidic reflux, there is a risk of enamel erosion. 

How to prevent Enamel erosion?  

As per the Medibank Preferred Dentist, maintaining proper care and oral hygiene is the key to alleviate all tooth related troubles including enamel erosion. Even though one cannot restore damaged enamel, it is possible to strengthen it and reinforce the eroded spots.  

By using oral care products having Fluoride and Calcium, one can fortify the enamel layer and prevent it from damaging. Stimulating saliva secretion by chewing sugar-free gum can also inhibit enamel strengthening.

The expert dentists at Brighton East Dental Clinic offer an all-round care and protection of your teeth including Zoom teeth whitening. They help guide you with ideal dietary, oral health and lifestyle choices that will help strengthen your enamel and prevent any roughness of teeth from its erosion.   

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