Common Myths about Teeth Whitening You Should Stop Believing

by Brightoneast Dentalclinic Family Dentist Clinic

Who doesn’t want white and shiny teeth?

Making a gleaming first impression never gets better than by sharing a smile. With an abundant avail of teeth whitening treatment options and off-the-shelf products, it can get confusing as to which approach to adopt for alleviating any imperfection in tour smile.   

As a result of the confusions, myths arise and make many fear the otherwise safe and effective procedure!  

When it comes to your looks and appearance, there are no shortcuts or compromises. Enhancing your personality to an elevated degree and making you best presentable at all times, a white bright smile is the best accessory you can carry.

Let us discuss the myths about the teeth whitening process so that you can follow the safe procedure to gain a major boost of confidence.  

  • Myth #1 - Your enamel can damage from teeth whitening  

Gaining a set of pearly whites from zoom teeth whitening can never damage your enamel. It is proven by studies that in-chair teeth whitening procedures are 100% safe for your enamel and when performed by professionals, offer a long-lasting and effective whitening of your teeth.   

  • Myth #2 - Teeth whitening damages and discolors crown or veneers   

The whitening agents or chemicals that are a part of teeth whitening treatments are ineffective on crowns, fillings or veneers. As made from inorganic materials, teeth whitening does not affect your veneers or crown but you can avail the same so as to perfectly blend them with the natural teeth.   

  • Myth #3 - Your teeth become sensitive after whitening  

This is a commonly held myth about teeth whitening procedures. While some people can experience tooth sensitivity for a couple of hours after teeth whitening, the treatment is however never a cause of long-lasting teeth sensitivity.   

Temporary mild irritation can even be caused from brushing and the same goes with teeth whitening.  

  • Myth #4 - Whitening teeth is a costly treatment  

This is absolutely false!  

The expert medibank preferred dentist at Brighton East Dental Clinic offers teeth whitening procedures at nominal rates. In-office teeth whitening procedures are very cost-effective and assure the best results for your teeth.   

  • Myth #5 - Off-the-shelf products are better than in-office whitening treatments 

In reality, professional zoom teeth whitening as offered by experts results in a long lasting and much effective whitening of teeth. There is also an exceptional post-treatment care offered so as to track the effectiveness of the procedure.   

Purchasing over-the-counter teeth whiteners can sometimes lead to discomfort and sensitivity but with in-house whitening, there is assured comfort and best convenience for the procedure.  

  • Myth #6 - You can us activate charcoal to whiten teeth 

If you are to follow Instagram reels or Facebook videos, then you too would fall under the trap of the misinformation social media is spreading by promoting activated charcoal use for teeth whitening.

While this might be a traditional or primitive hack, there is no scientific evidence or authentic procedure known to back the benefits of whitening from using activated charcoal. Thus, it is best advised to follow medibank preferred dentist for expert teeth whitening. 

At Brighton East Dental Clinic, the expert dentist will clear all your doubts regarding any of the cutting-edge procedures being offered and assure maximum efficiency and longevity from teeth whitening.      

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