What Causes a Washing Machine to Stop Spinning

by Mani Moon hey

If the Washing Machine neither Pumps nor Spins

This can happen when the washer motor stops working. If this is the case, there is probably something wrong with your motor and it should be replaced by a home appliance technician. If the engine runs fine but the problem persists, there may be other reasons. The most common causes for older models can be a frozen pulley or a broken pump belt. If the problem is the pulley, you will need to disconnect the pump, remove it and inspect it manually. If the wheel does not spin freely or feels very stiff, it is time to replace it. Sometimes the pump belt can be broken or very worn, causing it to slip and not provide torque to the pulleys. However, before you decide to replace the pump belt, always make sure that the pump pulley is in good working order. you can decide whether to try to fix it yourself, or ideally take it to a local repairman Washing Machine Repair Dubai to fix the problem for you.

Even if the motor and pump pulley assembly is in good condition, a damaged cap switch can prevent the motor from running and the washer from turning. Because washing machines have a built-in feature that prevents the washer from running when the lid is opened, if the switch that controls this feature is turned off, the tub will never spin. This switch is located inside the washer's main door frame and must be opened from the top or front (depending on washer type) to access. Damaged keys can be replaced by yourself; However, an appliance repair technician is more skilled at this task.

It pumps water but does not circulate

This is probably the same case as above where a faulty cap switch is to blame. However, if there is nothing wrong with the switch, there are a few other things to check. The most common cause of this is a faulty motor connection on newer direct drive washers such as Whirlpool and Kenmore washers. Most washing machines often have cheap plastic and rubber joints in their motors.

It is mounted on the motor shaft opposite the transmission and can be damaged or broken. The washer may have also broken one of the washer belts. Most washing machines have one or two belts, like the older Maytag washers, that connect the motor and pump to run it. The clutch can also fail, as is often the case with washing machines, regardless of brand. It is recommended that you have a qualified Washing Machine Repair Abu Dhabi

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