Four Ways to Unblock Your Washing Machine

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If you notice that the washer is no longer draining, the problem may be with the pump, sump or filter. You can always rely on the experts at First Serve UK for any emergency repairs. However, if you want to try to fix the problem yourself, here are some simple solutions. Remember safety first! Unplug the power cable from the back of the washing machine even if the socket is switched off. Do not try to open the washing machine without disconnecting the power cable! Second, remember to stay calm and follow the steps below. If you are ready to get your hands dirty - with a little effort, you can solve the problem yourself. If the washing machine is out of order then it is suggested to hire the trusted and reliable washing machine repair Dubai online.


Place a sink or bowl under the washer. You should see a tab on the bottom right of your device where the filter is located. Open the cover and check if anything is blocking it by turning it to the left and pulling out the filter. If the filter is clogged, you need to take it out and clean it with whatever you have, such as long-nosed pliers, a spoon or a screwdriver, and be sure to wipe everything inside. When the filter is out, you'll probably be looking at the pump because the filter is right in front of it. Since there are seven different blocks involved in repairing the washer, you can see other possible blocks on the underside of the washer.


The pump is behind the filter, so it makes sense to look forward. When the filter housing is empty, you can stick your finger against the pump fan and then turn the fan clockwise and counterclockwise. If it won't turn, there's resistance, or it's very loose, there's probably a string, rubber band, or hair band wrapped around the propeller. Or the fan is loose due to a break. Once you're sure there are no obstructions, you can move on to the next possible block, but if you're sure there's an obstruction you can't reach, remove the pump so you can inspect it properly. Put the filter back on and screw it in tight and take the time to make sure it's not tangled or it won't drain.

Slowly lower the washer onto all fours, pull the washer towards you, pick up something like an Argos catalog and place it on the floor, put your hands at 12 o'clock and pull it towards you. When the catalog is on the left side, lower the washer over it. This will save space between the floor and the machine, which you will need when you need to lift the machine upright again. Make sure the soap box dispenser is close to the floor so that the water inside the washer drains onto the floor. There is a wide clearance at the bottom of the washer, large enough to work and reach the pump.

Where the filter housing is located, there may be a screw that holds the filter housing and filter to the machine. It can be 2, 3 or even 4 screws depending on the model. Remove the screw and the filter housing will slide out of place. The pump is attached to the filter housing with screws: the drain hose is black and the drain hose is brown. Please take a photo so you don't have a problem putting everything together. Remove the three pump screws and it will come out of the housing. Now you can see if there is a blockage in the pump, you can check if the propeller is loose or broken, you can also do a continuity test with a multimeter to see if the pump is damaged. 

Crankcase hose

The drain hose is a black hose that is attached to the filter housing at one end and to the sink at the other end. The hose is attached to the hose using pliers. It will help if you have a pipe wrench or wrench that can squeeze the two ends together until the clamp opens so you can remove the hose. Now use your fist to release the retaining clip from the sink. The piece can sometimes sound like one big jubilee coupe; Use a screwdriver to remove it and remove it from the tub. Push the pump in, tap it against a hard surface, pump it up to full water pressure, shake it, stick your fingers in it, make sure it's free of baby socks, underwear, bandages, handkerchiefs, trainers, etc. And make sure the bra doesn't have strings.


1.       The tub is the hole in the bottom of the washing machine.

2.       This is where the wash water comes out of the cylinder and sometimes a lump can form there. Whether it's a stuck sock, underwear or the sole of a training shoe, it could be anything!

3.       So, so far we've covered four of the seven things that can clog your washing machine.

4.       I hope you find these tips helpful. We're interested if you have any tips you'd like to share.

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