What Can Attract Shoplifters to Steal from Your Store?

by Peter Lorenz IntellQ Visual Intelligence Solutions

Many retail stores struggle with the problem of theft and shoplifting that can potentially ruin the financial position of a business. Shoplifters are often very careful when choosing which shop to raid and there are certain factors that create the perfect shoplifter’s haven.


Have you been experiencing repeated incidences of shoplifting in your store? Perhaps you are wondering why time after time your store gets hit while the neighbouring businesses seem unaffected. Well, this is a clear indication that you need to do a thorough investigation and find out what you could be doing or not doing that is attracting shoplifters to your establishment. Below are some of the most common factors that tend to attract shoplifters:


1.     Haphazard layout

The way you organize the merchandise in your retail store is not only important for aesthetic appeal but it can also act as an important crime deterrent. Stores where the most valuable items are placed in a conspicuous position near the cashier often experience fewer incidents of theft since there is close monitoring of the high-value items.


Furthermore, you should avoid having blind spots in your establishment where items can easily be stolen without anyone noticing. Real time object detection software can help you to spot when a certain fixture or item has been moved from a particular position without prior authorization.


2.     Lack of Security Cameras

Shoplifters know that when a store has security cameras, then the likelihood of them getting caught increases exponentially. For this reason, they tend to target stores that have little to no security cameras. As a retail store owner or manager, it would be a good idea for you to invest in a face detection software solution which will help you to identify repeat offenders.


3.     Understaffing

Is your store understaffed to the extent that there is little to no supervision on certain aisles? Well, this is another situation that creates a perfect atmosphere for shoplifters to thrive. You should always make sure that all your aisles have at least one dedicated staff member who is able to secure the area and also assist customers in their shopping. Your team should also be trained on how to identify potential shoplifters.


4.     Unsupervised Exits

Once a shoplifter has successful tucked away the items that they intend to steal, the next step is for them to make a beeline to the exit. This means that your exits should always be supervised by an automated anti-theft exit way that instantly raises an alarm when someone crosses the barrier with a tagged item. Visual intelligence suite solution can also help you to successful identify criminals and quickly trace their location so that they can be apprehended before they leave the store.

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