What Boosts Conversions - Website Traffic or Brand Value?

by Sonal Mehta Content lead at Solulab

SEO and social media are more than marketing, it's an educated movement in the digital space. All your digital marketing and branding efforts you can track through Google Analytics. And, based on the results reflecting on Analytics, digital marketers craft and revise their marketing strategies, isn't it? But, what if you fail to or find it difficult to understand what parameters boost your conversions? Is it website traffic? Is it a brand value? Is it paid traffic? Or something else which is not very obvious, yet significant, for your brand and conversions. 

Here, we are going to analyze all those parameters that impact your conversions - be it brand value or website traffic. And, also we shall focus on how to optimize the performance of factors impacting website conversions. 

Analyzing parameters that boost website conversions

Basically, website conversion optimization rates are dependent on these FOUR crucial factors viz:

  • Relevant website traffic

  • UI/UX of the website and landing pages

  • Placement, prominence and relevance of CTA buttons

  • Trust score of your website and offerings

Let’s understand some basic scenarios to get a clear idea of how these parameters impact each other and how well you can optimize each of them:

Scenario 1: Website traffic is satisfactory, but low conversions and high bounce rates

You can drive quality website traffic through content marketing, paid marketing, SEO and social media promotions. At times, you may be able to drive the satisfactory website traffic but still, not satisfied with the conversion ratio.

According to HubSpot, 55% of the website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website. So, all the game you need to play in those 15 seconds. Here, you need to analyze your Google Analytics deep down to figure out the factors impacting.

Check the proportions of traffic coming from all channels. And, check corresponding bounce rates. 

  • If your social traffic bounce rate is alarming, it indicates that your followers are not your prospects. Or, the posts you are making is not in correlation with the landing page you are inviting. 

  • If your email traffic is bouncing back, you may not have segmented your email list properly. There can be an irrelevant bunch of subscribers too. 

  • Similarly, if your organic traffic is not converting, you need to work upon your website UI/UX, content and CTA. remember, evergreen content may fail at a time, but newsworthy content never fails. Craft your website content in such a way that it at least lure your visitors to read, if not convert.

  • If there is a high CTR but low conversions, there is a disconnect in your paid marketing strategy. Again, here website content and design has a greater role to play. It indicates that the traffic you are driving has very little takeaway on your landing page.

Scenario 2: Satisfactory website traffic, average user stay time but still no or fewer conversions

Well, your visitors know you, maybe they also like your products and services. But there is something that stops them from buying it. Analyze user journey and user behavior on your website. 

Figure out the reasons. Is the price too high for them? In the case of eCommerce, is the shipping charge too expensive? If pricing and freight are in line with competitive trends, run a thorough check on your UI/UX.  Remember, visitors leave your site without performing any action when they don't get what they are looking for. Analyze what is stopping them from taking action.

Here, this is how you should take the help of your Google analytics to understand the correlation between user stay time and conversions.

  • Check the source and medium of traffic who spends more time on your website.

  • If it is email, you should optimize your email template and make a landing page in line with it so the user does not get diverted.

  • In case it is social traffic, make sure you promote those URLs only which has better engagement rates. Also, social promotions are more for branding than selling. 

  • If the traffic has come from referral resources, hardly anything you can control. Just check for normal SEO optimizations and page load speed.

  • Also, check site content and page depth in your analytics. This will give you a clear insight on what all pages have maximum bounce rates and what all pages have reasonable bounce rates. Start optimizing your pages. 

  • Not to forget, carry out in-depth competition analysis. What are those intriguing factors that your competitors have and you lack? If you cannot compete on a price level with your competitors, start offering more value. 

Scenario 3: Minimal website traffic, but the high conversion ratio

Perhaps people are in love with your brand. No matter what you sell and how you market but you have made a strong footprint in the market. For example, some brands and products have high sales at very low advertising budget. And, some brands invests heavily in promotions but fail to generate corresponding sales. Here, we can say that your brand value has more impact on your sales over your website traffic. 

If you are offering a high-quality product, it will always act as an effective selling point. However, offering quality at reasonable pricing may result in high costs for your organization. Moreover, this situation will not last forever. Competition keeps growing and users preferences also change rapidly. So, treat this situation as a golden chance and promote your website and offerings on entire digital space. This will help you drive more referral traffic too. 

Let's go through some quick tips to make the most of this situation:

  • Check the web pages where there is a temporary boost in website traffic.

  • Make a list of the top-selling products/services.

  • Perform A/B testing on things that your visitors care about. You will understand why they spend more time on specific page/content and what triggers them to invest in your offerings.

  • While doing the test of your pages, do it two-way. Combine similar pages into one test page and split info of one page with heavy information into smaller pages with minimal information. This slicing and dicing will give you a clear picture of what is performing well on your website. 

Time to start flipping tables?

So, we have gone through on what all parameters are impacting on website conversions. How to optimize each of the impacting parameters would be the immediate concern you will have. As a set of standard practices and proven strategies, implementing or confirming these points will surely have a positive impact on your website conversions. 

  • Reduce the number of fields on your contact form. Minimal details are enough to know them and their requirements. You can also use the LIVE CHAT function. 

  • Highlight your CTA buttons with contrasting colors on your web page, and always have your CTA above the fold.

  • Test your headlines! Research says that headlines that pass on strong sentiments perform better. Keep minimal information in your headline which should be good enough for a user to decide on his/her action. If possible, create urgency with your headline content. But, it should not be too salesy or pushy. 

  • Invest in brand building. Paid ads can bring instant traffic and instant sales. But, brand value walks hand in hand with sales for a long time. 


What is more important - website traffic or brand value? This has always been a debatable concern, pretty similar to what came first - an egg or a hen? Jokes apart, for better online conversions, both are equally important. Basically, by building a strong online brand presence, you’ll be able to acquire more qualified traffic that can easily be converted into leads and/or sales. And, to build a strong online brand presence, you need to apply the right digital marketing tactics, including driving relevant traffic to your website. 

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