What Are The Exercises For Men?

by Camilla Tawney Marketing Manager

You must be familiar with bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. These aren’t necessarily the most difficult exercises. Since men like to focus on those heavy lifts or moves that specifically bulk up their chests or arms, they tend to skip over the moves that work on things like flexibility. If you don’t have good range of motion to start with and you keep doing all those strength-building exercises, the rigidity just keeps adding up.

Few Important Exercises for Men

One Leg Hamstring Curls

How to do it? You need to position a swiss ball in front of your feet.  Then, lie down with your back and palms flat on the floor. Place your heels on top of the ball. Then, lift one leg straight in the air. After this, you need to press your hips and glutes off the floor. Keep your back straight and abs engaged. It is important to dig your working heel into the ball as you curl it toward your glutes. You must reveres the motion, then press the Swiss ball away from your glutes to the start position.

Most men don’t work out their legs. But, when they do so, they prefer to opt for heavy lifting like deadlifts or leg press. They don’t separate one leg or do single-leg work, which neglects the hamstring. Unilateral, or one-sided, exercises are quite important.

Tuck Planche

How to do it? You must place your hands on a set of parallettes or aluminum workout bars. Then rock your weight forward onto your shoulders. Hold your legs tucked under your body. Your pelvis must be on the same plane as your shoulders, parallel with the ground.

This exercise engages a lot of muscles plus it requires mobility, strength and activation in almost every muscle in your body.

Barbell Back Squat

How to do it? In order to perform this exercise, you must load a bar with 85-100 percent of your body weight. Thereafter, place the barbell across the middle of your traps, pinch your shoulder blades together.  After doing this, you need to inhale, contracting your abs tight and lowering into a squat. Then you need to drive back up by pushing through your big toe and heel, exhaling at the top.

An average guy might struggle with this for two reasons. Firstly, most guys don’t train their lower body regularly with free weights. Therefore, when they attempt a loaded barbell squat, their legs start screaming. Their hearts start pumping like crazy. The balance is all over the place. The second reason might be a lack of mobility in their hips and ankles.

But this exercise is very beneficial. So, it’s time to start integrating mobility work into your fitness regimen!

Lateral Lunge

How to do it? Firstly, step to your left side. Then, lower your hips by squatting back and down with your left leg. You need to make sure to keep your right leg straight. You must return to the starting position by pushing up with your left leg. You may switch directions and repeat.  It can be performed with or without weight.

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