What Are the Differences Between Open and Closed Vape Pod System?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Pod systems have suddenly taken the market by storm. Vapers like the pod systems as these are discreet and can be fitted anywhere in the pocket. Therefore, vape pod system is the favorite among the new vapers and especially the ex-smokers who have recently shifted from smoking to vaping. However, even among the pod vape users, two different groups are coming up. One is the closed pod users and the other one is the open pod users. But what are these pods? The current article is all about the two different pod systems.

What are Open Pod and Closed Pod?

Among the pod systems, two pods are generally found such as the open pod system and the closed pod system. However, it completely depends on the user what they will prefer. Open pod systems are the pods where you can refill the pod device with the e-liquid flavor of your choice. However, you can charge the battery also. However, closed pods are mostly disposable pods and you can’t refill it or recharge it.

The Intensity of the Puff

In the case of the draw-activated systems, the vaper is using the power of the breath to fire each of the hits. You need a good lung to pull the hit to get a strong vapor that will satisfy your craving. Some are there for whom the result is not intense. Most of the closed pod systems come with a draw activated process. However, in the case of button activated system, you are relying on the technology. The button helps to trigger the fire. It gives better vapor. However, all it depends on the type of vape pod system you are picking.

Ease of Use

There is hardly any doubt that closed pod systems are better when it comes to using. There is nothing like refilling or recharging. You can simply use the closed system by taking out of the pack. However, in the case of the open pod system, you need to take out the device and recharge it. further, you need to fill the pod with the e-liquid of your choice which is a difficult task. The opening of the pods is very limited and you need a thin dropper to complete the task.

Customize Option

However, coming to the customized vape, an open pod system is a hand down winner. The reason is simple as people love to experiment with e-liquids. The closed pod system doesn’t offer you the choice of e-liquid. However, closed pod systems also come with a range of flavors but those are not vast as compared to the offerings of the open vape pod system. Therefore, be it because of the choice of e-liquid or something, open pods offer better-customized vape experience.

Final Words

Therefore, over in this article, you have seen the difference between the open and closed pod systems. The choice completely depends on the vapers that which will they pick for their vaping session.

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