What are the Benefits, Harms and Areas of Laser Hair Removal?

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If you're looking for a permanent solution to that irritating hairy spot on your face or body, you might be considering laser hair removal. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures where laser light pulses are used to destroy the hair follicle. When tweezing or trimming just doesn't cut it, the process is the best way to go. However, before you consider the laser removal cost in India, here are some things to know.

Recommended areas for laser hair removal:
- chest
- shoulder
- back
- bikini line
- neck
- face (except the eye area)

How to prepare for laser removal?

Contrary to simply 'zapping' stray hair, laser hair removal is a surgical procedure, and you must prepare accordingly -

- Check the credentials of the doctor or technician performing it.
- Don't pluck or wax for six weeks before laser hair removal. The process targets the roots, which can be removed temporarily through methods like waxing.
- Avoid direct sunlight before and after treatment, for around six weeks. It makes the process less effective and might result in skin complications. People - considering permanent laser hair removal in places like India, especially Delhi - known for its hot summers - should keep this in mind.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a tried and tested process and has its set of advantages. They include:

- Precise - Laser hair removal targets just the specific areas, and the surrounding skin is entirely untouched.
- Timely - The pulses of laser ensure that removal takes place in fractions of seconds. For example, a laser could treat the size of a quarter in a second.
- Predictable - If you have between three and seven sessions, permanent hair loss is guaranteed.

What are the disadvantages of laser hair removal?

There are some possible side effects in laser hair removal since it is a surgical procedure. While you consider the cost of laser hair removal in India, do keep the following in mind.

- Redness or irritation - Since the lasers target hair follicles, some people might find their skin reacting to it, causing slight swelling. Topical anesthetics can reduce the effect.
-  Crusting - The targeted area might crust up, have scabbing, or scarring. Using a moisturizer post-procedure usually helps with the condition.
-  Skin color change - Albeit minor, some people might notice the skin getting a little darker or lighter, post-procedure, in the targeted areas.
-  Skin infection - Since laser hair removal is a cosmetic process, it might cause skin infections. Consult a dermatologist in this case.
-  Eye damage - Although rare, eye damage is a possibility since lasers are harmful to the organ. If you're getting the surgery done on your face, there is a slight risk.

There are several types of machines for laser hair removal. If you're considering permanent laser hair removal in Delhi, you have to choose among the more common ones, including - intense pulse light, diode, alexandrite, or nd: Yag lasers. Your choice should depend on your skin color and the area of treatment, apart from the number of sittings you're willing to devote to the process.

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