What are the Advantages of Rendering the Exterior Walls?

by William Jones manager

One school of thought says, until your house is not rendered externally, it is not finished. How right is this old saying it!!! Indeed, if and when you have not rendered the exterior walls of your home and left it exposed, you have left your home half completed. And more importantly, you have only invited trouble for a not-too-distant future. 

Let us discuss the advantages of rendering the exterior walls of your house. They will itself explain why exterior rendering is so important and it’s a red flag for you if you haven’t opted for it.   

It waterproofs and protects you building externally 

The first and foremost benefit of external rendering is that it will add a waterproof layer to the underlying brickwork. This means, irrespective of the prevailing conditions, and that of the brickwork, there is little or no chance of the water seepage into the brickwork, through the watertight and waterproof rendering finish. Experts who provide exterior rendering service in Brisbane provide high-class service, so much so that the life of the exterior walls is enhanced by manifolds. 

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It blends the newly constructed parts of your building to the old part 

This is another benefit of external rendering, whereby it can be used to blend various types of buildings. For instance, if you have an old classic building and you need to add a new contemporary-styled extension, you can easily blend the two with the help of a seamless blending. A successful rendering service binds the two parts of the building together. 

It improves the look and feel of the building 

With a smooth, seamless look and feel, properly rendered exterior walls will go a long way to enhance the look and feel of the building. Then again, you can incorporate an indefinite number of colours as well, while the walls are being rendered. This will add to the beauty quotient of the building by manifold. 

It will help you get rid of the pebble dash 

Well, this is a subjective advantage, but a genuine one. Just imagine how the walls will look, once the pebble-dash or the roughcast of the external walls looks outdated. Quality rendering done by expert providers of rendering services in Brisbane will go a long way to lend sleeker and neater and a more contemporary look to your walls.   

Properly Rendered Walls never Crack 

There are different types of rendering that can be done by experts. Regardless of the types of rendering carried out, a properly rendered wall will never crack even with time and even if the walls are exposed to the heat of abrupt climatic and temperature change. 

It minimizes the need for painting and periodic maintenance 

There is no compulsion that a rendered wall needs to be painted. Well, people at times do go for the specified type of painting on the rendered walls, but even unpainted but property rendered walls go a long way to enhance the look and feel of the house. On the contrary, these walls if painted might need periodic maintenance as the paint might peel off, if not properly applied. However, unpainted but properly rendered walls will need minimal maintenance, which will also help financial savings. 

Thus, with so many advantages rendering the walls is always a great way to add to the life of the exterior of your home. 

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