What are psoriasis causes and risk factors?

by Darsh K. Digital Marketing

Psoriasis and multiple sclerosis are. The immune system attacks its good cells while fighting the bad ones. Some patients approaching doctors for multiple sclerosis treatment in Pune have seen to have signs of psoriasis.

Psoriasis affects the skin. Red patches appear and the affected area and can be itchy and painful. The body grows healthy skin every month. In psoriasis, the skin grows faster and piles one upon the other and the immune system gets no chance to stop it.

Doctors diagnosing multiple sclerosis treatment in Pune observe there can be a common risk factor in MS and psoriasis patients as both these conditions share the same pathogen. There are chances and occurrence of psoriasis in MS affected patients.

Types of Psoriasis-             

Plague: Most common and are red, itchy and painful. It can occur anywhere on the body.

Nail: affects the nails causing abnormal nail growth, decolouring, crumbling, and falling from the nail beds.

Guttate: Mostly affects children and young adults. These are small water drop-like lesions surfacing on arms, legs, scalp or throat.

Inverse: These type or psoriasis usually occurs due to fungal infections. The red patches of sore skin affect the unexposed skin area s. It increases with sweating and rubbing.

Pustular: widespread red skin patches either on hands or feet or fingertips.

Erythrodermic:  Can occur over the entire body causing itching and at times burning sensations.

Arthritis: Psoriatic arthritis affects the joints along with inflaming and scaly skin.


As per Psoriasis doctors in Pune, the actual cause of Psoriasis is not known but certain factors and risk can cause psoriasis.

1. Genetic and immunity: Genes, a part of the DNA handles the skin colour, hair, and eye colour. In psoriasis, these genes instead of controlling the immune system and protecting them from foreign bodies inflame and override the skin.

Hormones: Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or menopause can turn to be triggering factors.

Stress:  Stress can trigger and increase the condition in existing psoriasis patients but might not be the sole cause of it.

Skin injury or trauma: A cut, surgery, tattooing, wounds, or sunburns can be some of the reasons for psoriasis. Scientists presume these might trigger cytokine-the inflammatory protein in over energizing and activating the autoimmune antibodies.

Infections: Infections can cause or flare psoriasis. Guttate psoriasis is one such common one affecting more children than adults. HIV attacks the immune system and might flare psoriasis in some patients.

Obesity: The accumulated fat cells can instigate cytokine causing skin inflammations triggering psoriasis.

Climate: Patients undergoing multiple sclerosis treatment in Pune, and affected with psoriasis often have flare-ups in cold climates. The decrease in skin moisture and the absence of sunlight worsens the psoriasis condition.

Smoking and alcohol: People addicted to alcohol and smoke can worsen their psoriasis condition and treatment.

Respiratory infection: Infections like strep throat affects the immune system and can flare up psoriasis.

Certain medications and gluten in grains can also trigger psoriasis. Consult your Psoriasis doctor in Pune for early detection and advice.


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