What Are Personal Protective Equipment And Their Uses?

by Martin Peels Content Writer

Every single day, healthcare workers are struggling for their safety and the last resort for them is to trust on the Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE safety supplies, to protect themselves and their patients from the spread of germs or exposing them to the novel coronavirus.

Our frontline warriors like Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals are at the maximum risk because of their constant exposure to sick patients meaning that their viral load is much higher than the average person and they are facing a far greater risk for fatal infections. In light of current dangers, it is extremely important for them to use the right PPE safety supplies, the right protective gear, and the right suppliers while treating or coming in close contact with any patient who has symptoms of a viral infection to mitigate safety risks.

Use of PPE safety supplies in Healthcare

When people hear about personal protective equipment, the first image that comes to their minds is probably of hard hats and protective eyewear. However, in the healthcare industry, PPE takes on a different meaning and is used for other purposes. Though the main idea is to protect, in many work settings it protects workers from potential injuries and in healthcare, the purpose of PPE is to protect healthcare professionals from contracting any bacteria or virus as they work with patients.

To simply put, it is one of the special equipment that is worn to create a barrier between the person and germs. So the barrier will reduce the chances of making contact, the chance of touching, and spreading germs while protecting people and health care workers from infections. The use of PPE has become very prominent in health care institutions among all hospital staff, patients, visitors, and clinical laboratories during this pandemic. 

When used correctly, disposable PPE kits act as a barrier between infectious viruses and bacteria and do not allow penetration of any chemical or bioagent used for protecting the body. For instance, face masks like N95 are best suited to fight against harmful air-borne pathogens, preventing them from entering the human body through the nose or mouth. Similarly, face shields are used in hospitals, airports, and places where there are crowds, so that they act as a barrier, protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth of the user. So these act as ways to block the transmission of contaminants through blood, body fluids, or respiratory secretions.

Different PPE for Different Situations

PPE has evolved over the centuries as the healthcare needs have increased and became more challenging with the Covid-19 pandemic. It has become important for the facilities, regardless of their setting, to utilize PPE effectively and include them in the infection prevention plan for maximum benefit.

PPE safety supply kits from head to toe in the healthcare sector are readily useful in different situations. Though, with their usage, there are some important aspects to consider while protecting the health and safety of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff. The most important point is that the facilities choose the right PPE depending on the situation and provide them with effective training to use the same and for correct disposal after use as per health institution guidelines. While our frontline warriors are trying to beat this pandemic, the facilities and hospitals they are working in should encourage them and promote personal safety needs and requirements and keep it on top priority.

Below we have listed the common items of PPE that can be found in most health care setting and care homes:

● Face mask 

● Disposable gloves

● Disposable plastic aprons or surgical gowns

● Shoe cover

● Headcover

● Face shield

● Protective glasses

The pandemic and the current times have once again revived the usage of PPE, workers, and facilities have realized how important it is for the safety of workers worldwide. Nevertheless, the use of PPE, especially for healthcare providers is considered to balance the increased coverage of exposed body parts.

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