Wire Crimping Tools and Its Applications

by Martin Peels Content Writer

Automatic crimping tools may get an upper hand in terms of glamour but when you want to ensure a quality connection, handheld wire crimping tool is a perfect choice, when the project involves small to medium wire and the users want to deliver high performance and reliability in extreme environments. Wire crimping tools are one of the fastest, most reliable, and rugged termination methods.

However, tool life and quality are important to crimp the terminals properly. So choosing the right vendor is important, if the terminal is not crimped onto the wire correctly, the integrity of the connection will be affected. Moreover, wire crimping tools come with different specifications, tool frames, and die sets that produce consistent crimps time after time. Many online vendors deal in a variety of hand crimping tools for the gauge and barrel type of terminal the user wants to crimp, these range from economical and ergonomic to heavy-duty.

The Purpose of Crimping Tools

Many industries with small scale requirements or homeowners use heavy objects like hammers, flat rock, and many other improvised tools to attach the connectors to the cables. But what about the results? They end up getting a bad quality crimp or completely end up failing in it. 

This is where the crimping tool takes the place.

Crimping refers to joining two pieces of wires or metal together by deforming one of them. The point where the wire or metal piece is deformed is called a crimp. When a crimping tool is used a connection is created between both the connections and a network is prepared, for instance, a phone cable is attached to a connector or a wifi router cable to the computer. The connection is made with the help of a crimp for transmitting data to the wires and preventing the connection to fall out. 

Keep in mind, using a wrong tool can cause more damages which is too often overlooked. A good tool is the key element of overall wire termination. But to get the crimping right with the right tools and proper material there is a step-by-step procedure that is critical to the safety, performance, and reliability of an electrical connection when selected and installed properly. When installed improperly or a crimp is made with the wrong tool, it can result in rework, recalls, and downtime, which could result in loss of productivity and profitability.

Apart from the crimper, other important and essential parts are terminal and wire. When it comes to the terminal size- it is largely universal and can accept many sizes of gauged wires, which also vary on the basis of application and the use.

The use and volume of crimping dictates what method is being used. Typically, the handheld crimping tools are portable, inexpensive, effective, and can yield approximately 180 terminations per hour depending on the tool and volume of crimps.

Steps to Achieve Wire Crimping

Despite buying a whole lot of different crimping tools, here are some necessary things anyone can do to achieve the perfect crimp:

  1. It is important to select the right terminal if you have a specific application.
  2. Choose the wire.
  3. Decide on the crimping tool to produce a high-quality crimp.

There is no denying the fact that there are numerous kinds of crimping tools available but all are used for the same purpose. When selecting a crimping tool consider the following points:

● How often will you be making crimps?

Hand crimping tools are relatively cheap and are the best option when the user is occasionally.

● Check off the tools with built-in ratchet

The crimping tools with built-in ratchet will prevent the jaws from breaking. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of the crimp significantly by ensuring that enough pressure is applied to the area needed to be crimped and processed together.

A great crimp ensures that the cable and connector will hold together even if great force is pulling them. In the worst-case scenario, if the connection is pulled apart, this means the crimping was not done correctly.

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