What are acoustic panels and their benefits?

by Naman A. Well-Motivated Digital Marketer

What is acoustic and who is an Acoustic Consultant?


Acoustic is part of physics that focuses on the mechanical waves within the solids, liquids and gases. Acoustic experts are hired to get insight into the cases that involve the role of sound in engineering, voice identification, architecture, etc.

An acoustic consultant helps design, assess, manage, and control the sounds and vibrations in a constructed environment. These consultants might provide knowledge about the design or evaluate the acoustics in the home, office, leisure facility, or outdoor environment. They are also known as acoustic engineers. The acoustic witness experts deals in vast fields like:




     Speech and Voice patterns



     Medicine and medical devices


Why should one worry about acoustics?

The loud noise levels are one of the most disturbing and biggest complaints about their workplace. The noise pollution at the workplace is caused due to many factors like chair scraping, electronic equipment humming, phones ringing, and the most common is people talking. In open office spaces, this happens because many people work and sit close to each other, which does not provide any protection against the noise. Additionally, a noisy environment will always remain noisy. It will keep on getting louder with time as people start competing with the surrounding sounds, generally known as the Lombard effect.

A lot of people invest so much money in the appearance of their office but neglect the soundscape. However, a workplace with so much noise and a school with lots of sounds has negatively impacted productivity, increasing stress, reducing concentration levels, and disturbs learning ability.


How do acoustic panels work?

The acoustic panels are equipped with sound-insulating core materials like PET or mineral wool stuffed inside a wooden frame and covered with a porous fabric. They help by trapping the sound wave and also control the echoes produced in a closed area. In most large enclosed areas, the sound waves bounce off any solid surfaces like from the ceilings and walls while creating echoes and increasing the overall volume. So, when the sound waves hit these purposely-built acoustic panels, the porous outer layers let the sound penetrate the core material, which helps in absorbing the noise by transforming it into vibrations and also generates a small amount of heat. And further, this generated heat disperses quickly so that the sound waves vanishes away instead of bouncing off the walls and ceilings, resulting in reduced background noise.

What are the benefits of acoustic panels?

    Improves the soundscape and facilitates communication

The acoustic panels are made to absorb the unwanted noise and sound like echoes and noise made from the surrounding that makes the other sounds clear. It allows people to hear and understand each other better. Whether it's an open-plan space, a classroom or a seminar hall.

Acoustic panels absorb unwanted sounds such as echoes and noise from surrounding areas, making other sounds clearer. This makes it easier for people to hear and understand each other, whether in an open-plan office, classroom or lecture hall.

    Reduces the stress levels and improves the well-being of people

As mentioned above, noisy environments are one of the biggest problems people often complain about at their workplace. The high background noise has been increasing the stress as it makes it difficult for people to communicate and concentrate. By reducing the noise levels, you create a welcoming and workable environment for your employees.

    Enhances the productivity

The high noise levels have been often associated with low productivity as there is an increased risk of distractions with high noise levels. With the improved acoustics, it becomes easier for the staff to concentrate and have conversations at a comfortable volume without distracting the other colleagues.

    Provide privacy

One of the principal benefits of having an open-plan office is the ease of communication, but sometimes there is a need for private meetings or conversations. The acoustics panels or the pods cloak the sounds, making it possible for the employees to hold on to the conversation without letting other people know about it. 


    Improve safety

In workplaces with a huge involvement of equipment and heavy machinery, the employees need to communicate to avoid any accidents. By absorbing the echoes and background noise, the acoustic panels help make it easier for the employees to hear and communicate better.


Looking for Acoustic Experts Witness Melbourne

It is essential to look after the people in and around you if your workplace makes noise. With the help of regular noise assessment and Acoustic Reports, it becomes easy to minimize the noise that might impact the neighbourhood and the employees within the organization. Take the help of professionals who provide proper noise assessment services in your area. People living around Melbourne can use Clarity Acoustics as they have a team of professionals who will guide you best with noise and vibration control. They are known for preparing the best Acoustic Experts Witness Melbourne offers for environmental projects. They have experience of over 19 years in the industry and ensure on delivering quality advice. They provide not only practical advice but also make sure that they are cost-effective. Visit them at to know in detail about them and the various acoustic services in Melbourne. You can also mail them to book an appointment or grab some specific information on



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