What Airlert Technology Really All about?

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On a daily basis, a lot of patients, who are dependent on others for physical care, get injured from accidental falls and slips or fail to get proper treatment due to improper or false alerts. To deal with such situations, Doug Dwyer, an engineer, inventor, and founder of the company; invented unique pager systems and air pressure sensors to accurately monitor the movements of people in care and to alert carers with true and precise alerts. Frequency Precision was formed after the success of his invention and the technology was named “Airlert” i.e, an air pressure alert system. 

Over time, the company made improvements and developed its own technology to provide a range of sensitive yet durable sensor devices that alert carers efficiently without affecting the patient’s comfort. All Frequency precision devices work on Airlert technology thus giving people increased freedom by reducing false alerts. Unlike other alert devices, Airlert technology is smart and can smartly decide whether the movements by patients are natural or an emergency.

What is Airlert Technology?

Invented by the company’s founder “Doug Dwyer”, Airlert Technology is a unique air-sensitive pressure monitoring system that provides reliable and safe monitoring of people in care. 

Airlert Technology, developed by Frequency Precision, is an improved version of traditional ‘contact’ type mat alert systems. Where the traditional alert systems were satisfactory but there are many limitations in that like the foam of mat degrades over time, there are electrical connections inside the mats, can only be used on flatbeds. Airlert Technology uses nothing but air pressure mats to monitor the patient’s movement through pre-defined patterns in air-pressure changes.

How does the Airlert system work?

Airlert pressure mats are advanced and based on self-inflating camping mats, which contain nothing else except thick foam and tiny air pockets. The mats are covered by an airtight, water, and fire-proof retardant cover and can be used in any platform whether it is a chair, bed, recliner, chair, sofa, etc.

With the Airlert pressure mat, there is an Airlert sensor box that connects with the mat using air tubes and detects presence and movements by changes in air pressure of the Mats.

For instance, when weight is removed from the mats, the air pressure inside the mat changes, and the monitor detects patterns of change using Airlert Technology. If the pattern or change in the air pressure indicates a sudden fall or long absence of the person, then it will activate a text pager to alert caretakers or nurses about the patient’s absence.

Advantages of Airlert Technology

Airlert Technology from Frequency Precision is no doubt, a future technology that ensures carers will get only important and relevant alerts and makes sure the patients don’t have to compromise on their comfort and freedom. There are a lot of advantages to using airlert technology.

Airlert technology is suitable for both personal use and nursing or hospital usage. The devices are designed on easy-to-use purposes and can be used by any novice or common user as well as by professional nurses and doctors. Here are the features of airlert devices.

Bed/Chair pressure mats:

  • Contains only air and foam, making it extremely durable and safe to use

  • Water-resistant and fire-resistant design for longer durability

  • Comfortable and can be positioned at any surface

  • Full single bed length availability for reliable sensing

  • Detects subtle variations of pressure changes, patients can move and roll on the bed without triggering any false alarms

  • Rapid transmit of accidental falls in air pressure to sensor box for immediate care requirement

  • Portable, easy to store and discrete in design

Bed Occupancy Sensor:

The sensors detect the presence of a patient based on pressure changes and the smart Airlert Technology can also detect the breathing and heart pulses from micro-changes in air pressure from the mat to detect whether a patient is well or not.

  • Wireless design for longer and faster sensing

  • It can be hidden under bed or chair with sticky pads

  • Works on 2 x AA batteries for two years on a single installation and up to 400m range

  • Compatible with all nursing call systems and equipped with Airlert wireless connection technology

  • Support all kinds of beds and mattresses

  • Contains dial to adjust the sensitivity

  • Allows multiple pressure mats monitoring 

  • Built-in test feature for pressure checks

  • No professional installation required

Beeper Pagers

Unlike traditional monitoring devices, Bleeper pagers use a wireless connection, allowing a carer to monitor the person in need of care whilst moving around a home/ hospital or working in different rooms. 

  • Easy to use design with one-button control

  • Alerts carer using beeps, vibrations and LED flashes

  • Best suitable for home and small nursing homes

  • Supports external bell connectivity

  • Easy attachment to walls, bed frames and carrying cases

Final Words

Frequency Precision uses Airlert Technology well. The technology and system devices are easy to use yet advanced and safe at the same time. Designed for professional care, the system is universally compatible with all kinds of nursing call systems. Unlike other alert systems, Airlert provides accurate readings of patient’s movements and alerts only when required. With a strong, durable yet sensitive monitoring, No doubt, Airlert Technology is a top-notch among telecare systems in the medical field.

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