Comparison of Chinese heavy-duty CNC machine tool technology with global technology

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Heavy-duty CNC machine tools are mainly used for large and ultra-large precision parts processing. They are mainly used for national defense, aerospace, marine, energy (thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power), transportation (railroad, automotive), metallurgy, engineering machinery, etc. Industrial pillar industries and national key engineering project services.
At present, the heavy-duty machine tools and super-heavy-duty machine tools developed and developed by China have basically met the needs of some national key projects, and have repeatedly created the world with extreme specifications.
For example, China has manufactured ultra-heavy CNC machining lathes with a diameter of 25m, floor-type milling and boring machines with a boring rod diameter of 320mm, CNC gantry boring and milling machines with a processing width of 10m or more, and CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathes with a rotation diameter of 5000mm or more. A group of heavy-duty machine tool products with independent intellectual property rights and technical level close to the world advanced level.

 Developing domestic and foreign heavy-duty CNC machine tools

Faced with the rapid decline of other types of machine tool markets under the financial crisis, the heavy machine tool market was hardly affected. This incentive led many machine tool manufacturers to turn to large and heavy machine tool markets with better markets. The reason is that in the field of heavy machine tools, the international competitiveness is relatively not fierce, so that domestic heavy machine tool companies have successfully realized import substitution in some product markets.
(1) The development trend of heavy-duty gantry machining centers is high-power, high-torque, high-composite, and complex hole surface machining capabilities.
In the world, the products of the heavy-duty gantry machining center are the products of the German Wedrich Coburg company, and the Beiyi machine tool uses the technology of the German Wedrich Coburg. Compared with Coburg machine tools, SCHIESS is basically equivalent in terms of power, torque, and specifications, but the machine tool spindle speed of Heath Company is high, and the accuracy is maintained, which is technically level. Compared with other products at home and abroad, foreign countries have strong heavy cutting capabilities, high machining accuracy, and have many technical advantages, such as beam processing profiling technology, Z-axis ram length compensation technology, gantry frame X-axis moving double motors, three motors Even four-motor synchronous technology etc.
(2) The domestic manufacturers of floor milling and boring machines mainly include: Kunming Machine Tool Plant, Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool Plant, Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Plant, Wuhan Heavy Machinery Plant, etc. Foreign manufacturers of floor milling and boring machines include: PAMA in Italy, Heath in Germany, INSEBERARDI in Italy, SKODA in the Czech Republic, etc.
3 (3) The major foreign manufacturers of CNC gantry mobile and table-type turning and milling machining centers are Coburg, Germany, Pitcanac, Italy, Geegan, and Schalman, Germany, etc. These cnc machining companies have many years of experience in producing major machine tools.
Domestic development research is still in its infancy and technology is not mature enough. At present, domestic machine tools all have the disadvantages of low bearing capacity, low accuracy, and low load.
(4) Heavy-duty CNC lathe The CNC single-column mobile vertical milling lathe is the key equipment for Wuzhong to process the Three Gorges Hydro Turbine. It represents the production capacity and level of China's ultra-heavy machine tools, marking that China's independent intellectual property products have reached the world advanced level and become One of the few suppliers of super heavy machine tools in the world. It also laid the foundation for designing and manufacturing more milling-turning compound machine series.
In addition, the CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe designed and manufactured by Qizhong CNC is a supporting equipment for the Three Gorges Project provided by Harbin Electric Machinery Factory. The processing diameter is 4.3m, the processing length is 18m, and the heavy load is 250t. When processing the turbine rotor of the Three Gorges Unit, the workpiece with a weight of 200t is clamped at one time, and the complete processing of the workpiece is completed. The successful development of this machine tool marks a new level of manufacturing capacity for heavy-duty horizontal lathes.

The advantages and progress of China's heavy CNC machine tools

In the past two years, China's heavy-duty CNC machine tools have developed rapidly. The annual output and market consumption of heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machines, heavy-duty floor-type boring and milling machines, heavy-duty vertical and horizontal lathes have reached the world.
The rapid development of heavy machine tools is a direct reflection of the large demand for heavy equipment manufacturing in China's power, marine, petrochemical and mining industries. A batch of new products such as CNC double gantry boring and milling machine, gantry lathe-milling cnc machining machine, movable beam interchangeable worktable, interchangeable milling head, pentahedron gantry machining center, etc. were successfully developed; key technologies such as hydrostatic guideway and static bearing technology, synchronization Control and motion compensation technology, five-axis linkage technology, high-power double-swing angle milling head and heavy-duty rotary table have successively made breakthroughs in technological research, marking the development of China's heavy-duty machine tools to a new height.

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